…And our little lives are rounded with a sleep

Our profoundest condolences go out to friend and sometime co-host AronRa, who here gives a tremendously touching eulogy for his granddaughter Sidney, felled by cancer. I recently read a novel in which a character ruminates on death, expressing the view that — the phraseology notwithstanding — instead of thinking that our lost loved ones were “taken” from us too soon, perhaps we should think that they were “given” to us for a time, to love and be loved by, and we have no way of knowing, nor any control, over how long or short that time is. And so we cherish that brief time, because it is all we have, because every minute that we live is one we will not live again. So let those you love know how much they mean to you, right now. Don’t wait until the chance has come and gone.


  1. jdon says

    So yeah, I’m crying a little bit. Quite a bit.

    I hope Aron and his daughter and all related family can withstand this. I hope they come through it. I’m sorry for little Sidney, a joy to her family and in and of herself.

    I… I’ve got nothing. No words of support that suffice. If I had them, I’d share them.

    I’ve got an 18 month old niece. And I’m so very lucky she’s doing fine.

  2. DobermanGuy says

    WOW, my deepest sympathies go out to Mr Aron and his daughter. Its all you can do is “love em while you got em”.

  3. reeddlh says

    Words cannot say how deeply I share your pain.

    I worked at Children’s Medical Center for 10 years in a non-medical position, and I must agree that the doctors, nurses, Child Life, Social Work, the Foundation, everybody who works there, are all extraordinary people.

  4. karenhaughey says

    I cannot imagine how hard this must be for you & your daughter, and family. This sort of thing must feel like the epitome of helplessness to have to watch such an awful thing to happen to anyone close to you much less someone so very young. I hate that your family has to suffer such a loss.

  5. scottjarvis says

    This is a truly moving eulogy and although I know what it’s like to lose a child to illness, I can not fathom the anguish Aron and his family must be dealing with.

    My heart goes out to Aron and his family and I hope that they are able to find peace in the weeks and months to come. The loss of a child is nothing short of tragic.

  6. bcskeptic says

    Don’t know what to say…incredibly touching, and I can only imagine the pain that Aaron, his daughter, and his family must be feeling. Just know that they are thought of, and the next time I see my daughters, I will hold them that much longer, and tell them I love them that much more.

    Our existence in this universe is transient, some live to a ripe old age, and some are taken far too soon… Every day, every hour, is precious.

  7. rufus says

    That was wonderful. A little over a year ago my niece and my eight year old great nephew were murdered by the boy’ stepfather. This is the second Christmas. Maybe it does get easier. Aron, thanks for sharing, and my thoughts go out to you and your family.

  8. troelsjakobsen says

    Incredibly moving. I really choked up at the end where Sidney gleefully says goodbye and exits.

    I can barely imagine the anguish and the loss, nor the years of living in excruciating uncertainty you and your family have gone through, Sidney’s mother in particular.

    If anything positive can come from this it must be the realization that we should live for each other, cherish what we have.

    You all have my deepest sympathies.

  9. says

    As someone who lost a young daughter to cancer, I offer my most heartfelt sympathy to AronRa and his family. It is devastating to be unable to protect your loved ones and to keep them from pain and suffering. I wish you peace, love and support from those in your life. ♥

  10. Herk says

    I’m always inspired at the strength of people in these situations. I’ve been through small bits of this and am amazed at how people pull through it. As you get older, and more of these things happen – friends die, family members die, or are hospitalized or have chronic diseases, you see people bearing up under terribly stressful situations and I often fear that I could never have their strength.

    When my own daughter was born – an extrauterine pregnancy – it was a very harrowing night, and eighteen months later she was admitted to a Shriner’s hospital for surgery. I saw many children who were so bad off – perhaps burned from head to toe and missing limbs, and yet they would smile so sweetly . . .

    No, it’s not fair. But medicine is still in its infancy. We can envision a day when no one will be subjected to such brutality.

  11. gwen says

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family. AML is a terrible disease. I hope someday we have something better to offer as a cure.

  12. lonomoholo says

    I am sorry for your and your family’s loss.
    At this time, we have a relative with metastatic breast cancer (she’s 43) who will in all likelihood die in the next year, leaving two children without a mom. We also have a good friend who was opened up about a month ago for a rather drastic operation to remove most of his bowels, sexual organs and assorted other innards. He was closed up again sans operation as the cancer was too far gone. I suspect he has only a few months left…he had just retired at 55 and was about to ‘see the world’. Such is life. In the meantime, I suggest we live life as fully as possible, and for imaginary deity’s sake, don’t put shit off for a later date…do it now.

  13. Adam Felton says

    I have two little girls. I can’t bring myself to contemplate losing either of them.

    So hard to fight back the tears watching that, the ending made it impossible.

    Heartfelt condolences to AronRa and his family…

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