Atheist Community of Austin featured on “Hidden City”

Recently a bunch of our members got together with a TV crew at El Arroyo and had a chat for a couple of hours about what we do.  We have received confirmation that the episode will be airing on the Travel Channel on January 31.  They seemed like a good group of people with an interesting show concept, so I’m going to go ahead and encourage you to start watching it now and see what it’s like.

It premieres tonight on the Travel Channel.  This is the message we received from the crew:

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for being a part of our first season of “Hidden City.”  The show has received great feedback so far, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you in the coming weeks.

The first episode (Chicago) premieres next Tuesday, December 6th at 10pm EST/9pm Central.  We will then be showing a new episode every Tuesday night through February in that same time slot.  The AUSTIN EPISODE is on the schedule for JANUARY 31st.

Thanks again for all of your time, pictures, and signed releases! It’s been so great working together with you guys over the past few months to tell these incredible stories.
The topic of the show was kind of tangentially related to what we do.   Apparently they intend to visit one city a week and discuss a major event that occurred there, in order to explore broader issues.  For Austin, they chose the murder of Madalyn Murray O’Hair.
The ACA has never been directly associated with Ms. O’Hair, and we’re only recently affiliated in a loose sense with American Atheists.  However, we are of course the most prominent atheist group in her home city, so we got to spend a lot of time over margaritas discussing issues of concern to us.  Here’s hoping we come out looking good. 🙂


  1. Grammar Merchant says

    The letter is a bit generic. It reminds me of my first rejection letters. But I’ll be tuning in regardless. If you want to stop me, just post ‘Alan Smithee’ on this page.

  2. warren grubb says

    Hopefully you didn’t have too many margaritas…that’s a classic way to loosen tongues and get “great” interviews, haha. Looking forward to seeing the episode.

  3. John K. says

    Is it bad that I have no idea who Madalyn Murray O’Hair was? Should I be aware of her story? I can always watch the episode to find out I suppose.

  4. John K. says

    Thank you, sir.

    I did not really expect you to do the web searching for me, just a general opinion as to how much it would be worth my time to investigate it.

    I don’t think I will pay the $2 to read that particular site today. The extra effort is appreciated though.

  5. Kazim says

    Oh, I didn’t read far enough to see that it was a pay site. I’m sure Wikipedia has plenty of useful information though.

  6. Pat says

    The USSC in (Madeline)Murray v. Curlett banned public school officials from conducting organized prayers during school hours.

  7. Anonymous Atheist says

    So, just watched this on DVR… I’m surprised there weren’t any comments when it aired earlier this week.

    Before they showed the few minutes from El Arroyo that got used, they showed the Atheist Experience logo and a shot of the TV show. 🙂 Has the show’s website traffic increased since this aired?

    Overall it wasn’t bad… lots of talk about how unpleasant Madalyn was, but softened by some admission of the importance of her work and the hatred she faced.

    I had some minor quibbles with their telling of the story that I won’t get into, but also a big one: They left out one of the three accomplices in the plot, Danny Fry, who was murdered and mutilated by the other two, David Waters and Gary Karr, when they were done with him.