Details for Matt’s Debate in Georgia!

From the event host:

Wednesday, November 16th, 7PM – Meet and greet:

1381 Longview Drive, Gainesville, GA 30501

(this is debate host’s home-some food and drink will be provided but feel free to bring more to share-ALL are invited)

Thursday Nov 17 7PM EST – Debate:

FREE and Open to the public!
Donations requested to support the Kasese Humanist School in Kasese, Uganda
Academic Building IV
3rd floor
Multi Purpose Room
A live stream of the debate will be available here

Format: A moderator will ask 3 questions of each participant. Participant has 3 minutes to answer the other gets a 3 minute rebuttal time. After the set questions there will be questions from the audience. After the debate we will go out and everyone is invited, location undecided at this time but will be announced.

From Matt: I’ll do my best to remember to tweet relevant information – and I’m hoping for a Friday morning trip to the Aquarium before I leave!


  1. Craig says

    If you’re looking for a trip to the aquarium let me know. My wife is an intern and I haven’t been yet! She should be able to give a bit of a back stage tour!!

  2. Mark says

    Closer to Atlanta next time, Gainesville is an hour away! I’ll be watching the live stream, though; I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Thomas says

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to catch the stream – is it known if it will be available anywhere afterward?

  4. KJ Stewart says

    Not sure how you can call what you’re about to do a debate. The man you’re up against doesn’t have a chance as his knowledge is limited to an old book he believes in, almost no knowledge of science and virtually no experience with atheist. Sad, but true. He and his staff have simply researched past debates and plan to use other peoples arguments against you. You and I both know that won’t fly. If you really want a debate, come to Savannah GA or invite me to come see you. Either way, you will find our debate/conversation profound and genuine. I don’t have a need to prove myself right, or you wrong. I am truly interested in exploring the most important questions of our hearts, no matter where the answers lead us. Please let me know if this is possible. Enjoy your visit to GA.

  5. Craig says

    Right on,

    I’ll try to get with you at the debate, otherwise shoot me an e-mail friday morning and we’ll hook up at the aquarium. I know my wife can get discount tickets, and she checked with her department biologist who said a sneak peak behind the scenes wouldn’t be a problem for her department (corals and jellies). I’ll see if she can find a few fans in the other departments :).

  6. Rich S. says

    Hey I’m in Athens, GA and was thinking of possibly making the trip up there.

    Maybe I’m just oblivious and missed it, but what it the specific theme/question to be explored in the debate? Is it a simple “Does God Exist?” type thing?


  7. Joe K says

    WHERE IS THE DEBATE??????? I am in atlanta, and all I see is an address for a house in gainsville?

    The aquarium is great, I suggest wearing a blue shirt so the gimmicky photo op on the way in produces a photo showing your head floating in the tank!

    Would love to meet up tomorrow (for lunch?) if people are doing it.


  8. MAtheist says

    All I got to see was Matt shaking Mark’s hand at the end, argh. That’s what I get for being so busy.

  9. Tracy says

    Great job Matt! Though I think you could have done it in your sleep – same old theist arguments.

    When Mark said that women were ‘held above’ in the bible, my head asploded.

  10. anon says

    The debate was recorded:

    Matt D was excellent. His arguments were clear, concise and forceful.

    Pastor Mark came across as a likable, intelligent person who was forced by his religious beliefs to defend positions that have not been defensible for a couple centuries – or millenia

  11. John says

    Thought it came down to the fact that this was Mark’s first debate and just wasn’t adequate against Matt who’s experienced and a former theist. I certainly understand how difficult it is to arrange these debates as well as agreeing on the format, topic, questions, and so forth.

    Also think pastors and preachers are just too used to “preaching to the choir” and providing positive support to those in need and not really involved with answering the difficult theological, moral, or ethical questions that intellectuals (be they religious or not) have.

    I actually believe a lot of Christians and religious folk are really “closet agnostics” and live in fear of not having any “absolutes” to go by or find themselves in a “crisis of faith”. They’re just not going to get the personal support or ‘strength’ (or maybe understanding, sympathy, compassion) they need from atheists (or themselves) like they can the majority church.

  12. Todd says

    I laughed at the serious flirting near the end of the video!

    Had there been more opportunity for the debaters to exchange, Matt would have really had his way with him….