Non-Prophets 10.22

Non-Prophets Radio listeners, rejoice!  Reports of “no new episodes until November” have been greatly exaggerated!

Actually, Lynnea, Dean and I recorded this “guerrilla” episode well over a week ago, but since everyone has been busy and I had to get a new admin login for the NPR site, it just took a while to post.


  1. Ing says

    Stupid OT question.

    In some of the earlier (season 4ish?) Eps there was some talk of Jeff D commenting on a cool atheist raper he found who was being driven off of the you tubes by other atheists for disagreement and how that made Jeff sad and all.

    Out of curiosity, was that by any chance Charlie? Because if so that is freaking hilarious.

  2. Kazim says

    I’m listening now and I noticed my Skype program recorded me and Lynnea in one channel, and Dean in the other, which makes it sound very annoying on my headphones. I’ll remix them into one channel soon, but it probably won’t be until late tonight at the earliest.

  3. strangelove says

    Russel asked what the Amish would do in the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. May I recommend George A. Romero’s ‘Diary of the Dead’ for further study.


  4. curtcameron says

    I was going to chime in about the separate audio channels thing – sometimes I need to listen to the shows with only one ear, and my player doesn’t provide the option of mono.

  5. strangelove says

    Oh, and about the Steve Jobs story. You made it sound like his death was mainly caused by his relying on alternative medicine. It’s true that he tried some woo therapy when he was diagnosed first, but after a few months he came to his senses and his treatment was solely based on science-based medicine from then on. Your friendly neighbor P.Z. wrote about it, among others.

  6. strangelove says

    ‘based on science-based medicine’… sweet. My English teacher would be proud. Is there no way to edit your posts?

  7. Kazim says

    I’m uploading the remixed file right now. It should be available in a couple of minutes, so if you’ve been held back from listening, delete your local copy and redownload.

  8. says

    Thank you, sir. I’m stuck listening to only one earbud at my job making it impossible for me to listen to the original podcast so your fix makes me happy. Cheers.

  9. ah58 says

    Is there any information about what happened to the nonprophets broadcast for Oct. 22? It was listed in the schedule, but I wasn’t able to connect to it.

    I was in the IRC chat room and no one there seemed to know what was going on either.

  10. Mumbambo says

    Great! Thanks for fixing it, I was going to mention that it is kind of annoying to have multiple channels when listening to the show on headphones. I can’t pop an ear out to make sure I can hear my girlfriend without missing some essential part of the show..

    Thanks for the episode!

  11. Eyedunno says

    I can’t believe you guys were so shocked about Ron Paul saying what he did. It was pretty consistent with the rest of his politics. Note that his statement wasn’t against birth control, or even against birth control being covered by health insurance – it was against mandating coverage of birth control (and thereby making people who are opposed to birth control, however crazy their motivations, pay for it or forgo insurance altogether).

    So to paint this as Ron Paul coming down against birth control in spite of being an OB/GYN is missing the point (also note that Paul has opposed proposals to restrict access to birth control – in either case he’s opposing the use of the federal government, not the use of birth control).

  12. Ing says

    Except he’s fine with the STATES restricting it.

    Ron Paul wants your rights restricted…he’s just lazy and wants the state level rather than federal to do it.