A Sunday without AETV is like a day without rainbows and kittens

But that is the kind of day we’re having today, folks. Another stupid studio cancellation. But AETV will return next weekend with Matt and Jen, followed by Russell and myself the following weekend.

Word may have gotten out that we have a new building. I haven’t actually toured it myself yet, but I’m hopeful some of it can be McGyvered into a studio of our own where we can do AETV and NPR shows all the live-long day with no interference from anyone. While we still like being on local access, the fact is we really don’t need them any more. Ultimately it’s not my choice to make, but I know we’re sick of a lot of the random crap that Channel Austin throws at us. It would be nice to be able to take total control of our media once and for all.


  1. nightman2112 says

    Can’t wait to see the new building. Will you still host a studio audience at the new place?

  2. says

    We’d love to, though I understand parking over there isn’t the greatest. It’s basically a house the realtor repurposed into a commercial property.

  3. jacobfromlost says

    Sorry to hear the show was cancelled today.

    When are Don and Jen and Tracie (I suddenly have the horrified feeling I’m forgetting someone…) going to post their introductions?

    Jeff! Jeff was who I was forgetting, right? How could I forget him?

    (Also, why is the “Answer God’s call to service” ad still popping up here? I’ve read it so many times I’m starting to believe in a higher power. Is the recruiting of “Ordained Ministers” becoming so difficult that they are reduced to expanding their ad campaign to atheist blogs? It’s like trying to market “Streak: it’s what’s for dinner!” on vegan blogs.)

  4. Achrachno says


    Well, at least you’re here (freethoughtblogs) now. Words are words, wherever we find them.

    Your post on stoning was great, in a depressing sort of way. Really showed the reality and horror. It almost made up for the lack of a show for 2 weeks running. I hope you’ll raise that topic on the show one of these weeks (even if you already did but I missed it). How can theists defend that sort of thing while claiming to be moral? Theists listening in need to see what some of their fellows are like. There are some seriously twisted people in their ranks, and they need to know it. Perhaps some will look more questioningly on other believers — questioning who they really are and what awful things they may believe.

  5. says

    We tend to get fewer local callers in general, now that we’re global on the web. But it’s true, back in the day when our only outlet was Time Warner Channel 16, most of our callers were indignant theists shocked to have discovered an atheist TV show actually on the air. There were plenty of feisty exchanges, but more than a few cranks and trolls too. It’s a tradeoff. We have fewer Christians calling in today, but the ones who do tend to want to talk about things instead of just to rant or threaten us.

  6. Alt+3 says

    Huh. I would have thought your show would be their flagship program considering people actually, you know, watch it.

  7. says

    I hope that you are able to take more control in the future. “Own the means of production” and all that.

    Live calls work best, but I’m sure you’ll always be able to get theistic minded questions (emails, submitted mp3’s, phone voice messages, etc.). It’s all about getting people to see things from a different perspective and addressing there mental hang-ups and objections.

    The show is great not only because it goes out live, but also because great clips live on the internet for years.

  8. Walter says

    You can record in your studio and play over local access channel recorded – then when people call in get their call back number for the new-studio live time.

  9. Jeff says

    Perhaps you should consider what the studio staff are doing to your honour and take action to redeem it.

  10. Christopher says

    I still get jollies by that “face punch for Jesus” clip, plus its a good exchange prior to that. Cant wait til the new venue, hope it makes all your dreams come true.

  11. atheistthaigirl says

    I am looking forward to the next episode. After you get the new building, I hope you can extend the length of the show, maybe even long enough to have another discussion with Ray Comfort in which he can finally be successfully taught proper logic.

  12. John K. says

    No non-prophets either?

    I hereby complain as much as possible while keeping in mind that all the content is provided free by volunteers.

    At least Austin got some rain this weekend, not that the topics are related.

  13. warren grubb says

    In most cases, those ads are based on traffic and automated keyword searches, not someone choosing specifically where to place the ad. There is a lot of traffic to this blog, there are a lot of references to God in the content, bingo, you get God ads. Skeptical sites get ads for woo woo all the time for the same reason.

  14. Michael B. says

    Sucks about the cancellation, but great news about the new studio. I’d miss unsuspecting local theists who randomly stumble upon your show on local access who would otherwise never see it on the internet, but them’s the breaks. Maybe you’ll all get insanely lucky and become nationally syndicated, one day. Just don’t let the sudden power and riches corrupt you.

  15. warren grubb says

    I don’t miss the cranks, especially the obviously college kids who would just ask a question, let you all talk for a few minutes and then scream something obscene into the receiver.

    Frankly, I don’t miss a lot of the theists, either, because it was often their first time seeing the show, so they would ask what an atheist was and why you wanted to do a show and you would have to repeat basically the same thing over and over again. At least now when a theist calls, they typically have a bit more a of grasp on atheism (or they think they do) and so they come at you with more content.

  16. UpAgainstTheRopes says

    ::Tapping large vein in arm::

    Need AETV…

    Suffering withdrawal symptoms…

    Must resist urge to believe dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark…
    Morality only coming from god…
    Tuning out allowing fine tuning in…


  17. Muskiet says

    I love the conversations you guys have with religious people where you get to address the (mostly wrong) idea’s and misconceptions of local Christians who probably wouldn’t even have known about the show if it wasn’t on public access television for the whole world to stumble upon.
    I also like to think that the seed of doubt gets planted into some of those people who flip through channels and “keep hanging” on your show.
    Wouldn’t all of that go away if you leave Channel Austin?
    Wouldn’t your show then become just another podcast/videocast filled with people who all agree with each other and which only gets seen by people who actively choose to stream the show or download the videocast who most probably are atheists themselves already?

    I’d miss Channel Austin.