My brain is processing excitement!

Hi all. This is Martin Wagner, cohost of the show and blog founder, checking in with my introduction and greeting as Kazim has asked. I am delighted we’ve arrived (fashionably late, of course) to the Freethought Blogs party, and my thanks go out to the illustrious Mr. Glasser for setting it all up, and in particular taking over admin duties.

I was the host of The Atheist Experience for about two years, from early 2002-04, a fact which may surprise some of you who doubtless see me as the most jokey and frivolous of all the current cohost rotation. In the early years of the show, we were anything but professional, learning the ropes as we went and mostly making it all up as we went along. After all, at that time there were no other programs quite like The Atheist Experience being done by anyone. Reggie Finley was making strides in internet radio (that’s what they used to call podcasting) with The Infidel Guy, but ours was kind of the only live call-in cable access atheist show of its type, and it wasn’t as if we had a syllabus to follow. To all the fans who keep asking for recordings of those days, trust me when I say you aren’t missing much and today the show is the best it has ever been. It may have taken close to a decade to find a formula that worked, but we seem to have done it (though it’s up to you to determine our degree of success) and I’m proud to be part of it all.

I founded the blog in 2006, without leave from anyone from the ACA (which I had not yet rejoined) as a way of getting myself back into the zone after taking a couple of years off to concentrate on my career. That still needs quite a lot of work until it gets where I want it to be, but I suppose that is what you call life. The ACA hadn’t yet trademarked the show’s title, so I went ahead and gave the blog the same name, made it unofficial, and invited as many current and past hosts and cohosts as I could track down to sign up as contributors. Everyone accepted but Jeff Dee, who didn’t feel like he could commit the time.

But for quite a while, I wrote the majority of the posts and it took a while for AXP to develop fully into a true group blog. Now it has, with the majority of posts coming from Russell and Tracie while other obligations in my personal and working life have made me cut back my own contributions a little. With the move to FTB, I’m eager to get back, if not all the way to my original levels, at least to a more regular blogging schedule again. All that might distract me would be keeping up with reading the work of all the other awesome bloggers in the FTB family. (Achievement Unlocked: Group Hug!) These days, the blog has become about as well known and popular as the show (those of us who prefer abbreviations and such referential shorthand use AXP and AETV to distinguish the blog from the show, respectively), and so its readers deserve a good steady diet of godless love.

Today, I am sitting on a balcony overlooking Lake Travis, writing this on a glorious, clear and cool Saturday afternoon before heading into town for the ACA Bat Cruise. There are days when life is really, really awesome, and this is one of them! Thanks for dropping by. Wipe your feet and stay awhile. And if you get what I’m making an oblique reference to in my post headline, add a few coolness points to your character sheet.


  1. Shawn Dimery says

    Hey Martin!
    I really wish you were on the show more often, but I know you your in the co-host schedule.
    Take it easy my friend!

  2. leftwingfox says

    And my brain is apparently processing nothing… I hadn’t connected the “Martin Wagner” I saw around the blogs with the “Martin Wagner” on my bookshelf. Looking forward to seeing more of your writing on here! 🙂

  3. Dean Buchanan says

    I love that you are here.
    Your show is awesome. Thank you for all the hard work you folks have done over the years.
    Oh, and your gravitar at the top of the left sidebar is terribly under-pixelated.

  4. ctastrophe says

    Hi Martin! I don’t see you as frivolous by any means; In fact, I think my favorite episodes are the ones with you and Matt, or you and Russell. Welcome to FTB and thanks for the intro, even for those of us who have “known” you for a while.

    (Not “known” you in the biblical sense, that wasn’t the reason for the quotes)

  5. blotzphoto says

    Ummmm.. OMGOMGOMG!!!! I likewise had not connected the two Martin Wagners who are actually one and the same… Huge fan of both of your careers. Great to see you here at FTB.

  6. Elipson says

    I for one demand your participation in the non-prophets! I bet and Denis would make some funny dialog! 🙂

  7. Matthew Smith says

    This is great! So many cool blogs at freethought. Quick question are any members of the Atheist experience coming to Australia for the conference next April? I watch the show on the web but as an Aussie never get to catch up for dinner afterwards:(