Introductions: Russell “Kazim” Glasser

Now that the new blog has been introduced, hopefully some new people have had a chance to learn about the show.  There are seven people involved with posting to the blog, and I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Russell Glasser.  I’m a software engineer, with a BS from UC San Diego, and a Master’s from the University of Texas.   I am also a fourth generation atheist.  My parents are both physicists, my father’s family is full of very staunch atheists, while my mother’s family leans towards extremely reform Judaism.  My son, Ben, is nine, and he is a fifth generation atheist — at least so far.  I currently work as the primary mobile applications developer at a technology-based marketing firm.

I’ve been involved with The Atheist Experience TV show in various capacities since 2000, and helped Jeff Dee launch our first podcasting effort, The Non-Prophets, a few years after that.  As a lifelong atheist, I’m very interested in promoting what I refer to as “Evangelical Atheism” — not just being satisfied with our own opinions, but testing them out in a public arena and not being intimidated by religious pushback.

For a broad overview of my perspective on atheism, you should check out two of my activities that I’m proudest of.  One is a lengthy exchange I had with Chuck Colson a few years ago.  The other is a lecture I gave on standing up for atheism.

In addition to The Atheist Experience, I also occasionally blog about politics, gaming, and entertainment at my other blog, Kazim’s Korner; and Castles of Air is a blog targeted at novice Computer programmers.  If you want to know why I’ve gone by the online screen name “Kazim” for so long, here’s the story, but it’s not much of a story.  It’s just distinctive.

I also sing in a community chorus and play a lot of video games.  Next month I’ll be marrying my fiancee, Lynnea.

Finally, if you’d like to get in touch, you can email, or join my Facebook page.


  1. says

    Hey Russell,

    I’m glad the move went well.

    I’m looking forward to posts from you and the rest of the Austin crew. Perhaps you’ll make open posts for The Non-Prophets. (Just by linking the episode, you may gain a few more listeners.) It can be a good way for the fans to get in there 2 cents without sending in an email.

  2. Greg Laden says

    Welcome Russel! I notice that your blog is of the old layout style…. interesting.

    I hope you feel free noting the interesting code now and then from Castles over here. Some us are inclined to find such things interesting. (not that we can’t read your other blog but still, crossing lines is good)

  3. Terry says

    This is nice site for your new blog, but is there a gadget for it I can add to my iGoogle homepage like the last site?

  4. says

    Hi Russell,

    I think you do a great job on the Atheist Experience. You’ve had a lot of practice of knowing when to say, “Wait!” and “Why do you believe that?” (Obviously there’s more to being on the show than that.)

    Please consider creating open threads here for the Non-Prophets. It would be great to have a place to share our thoughts on that show’s topics and content as well.

    Looking forward to other introductions.

  5. says

    Hey Russell,

    You do a great job on the Atheist-Experience. Hopefully moving to the Free thought blogs gets the show even more exposure.

    Perhaps you could add open threads for the Non-Prophets on this blog (like you do for the TV show). It’s nice to be able to comment on the latest podcast without sending in an email.

    Thanks for what you guys do.

  6. SubTachyon says

    I knew your father was a physicist Russell but I had no idea your mother is a physicist too. That sounds so awesome. Are they active in any sort of research area?

  7. Kazim says

    My dad is an energy researcher at the University of Washington. My mom switched to software development, and recently retired.

  8. Kazim says

    If you’re talking about adding an RSS feed, look for the orange square image at the top of the page. That’s a standard link for a feed, which you can use to add to any reader (my preference is

  9. Kazim says

    Oh crap, thanks for mentioning that. I just realized that my “Perils of Amway” page never got transferred over to my new web server.

    I’ll have to fix that tonight, right now I’m off to the bat cruise.

  10. Monica says

    You… sing… in a community chorus… in Austin?! I want details! For most of my life my parents’ church was my outlet to play or sing and now that I’m done with all that I rarely do either.

    Hooray for the Austin atheists coming to FTB! It’s always encouraging to be reminded that there are like-minded folk close to home.

  11. Tom M says

    I’m digging the intros. One point of style, though: I often wonder why people leave Convicted Felon Chuck Colson’s formal honorific title off of his name. I mean, sure, probably most people automatically prepend the Convicted Felon part, but I think it’s important enough to always make an effort to include. Just my $0.02!