A humanist short film

A viewer emailed us asking if we wouldn’t mind alerting our vast armada of fans to his short film project on Kickstarter, Genesis 51:33-51, that “explores the relationship between God and evil.” As a film person who is myself about to explore the hazardous world of getting my own documentary project off the ground, I am simpatico. Good luck to Mr. Rogers.


  1. Martin says

    Genesis only has 50 chapters, so I suspect the title might hint at a mystery in the plot.

  2. says

    I seem to see more and more of these crowdfunded projects lately. SMBC comes to mind, for one. I wonder if this will really take off as a viable method for getting money for outside-the-mainstream projects.

  3. says

    Shannon,I'm Kyle, the writer/director of Genesis 51:33-51. I did struggle with how much to give away and how much to conceal in the pseudo-trailer; but I think more important than the plot are the ideas behind the film, namely these theses:1. The existence of God is irrelevant to ethics2. The arguments for the existence of God are as equally valid for an all-evil God as they are for a supposedly "good" God3. Even if there is a God, that does not necessitate that it is a God that should be followed (for instance, let's assume that Westboro is right and "God hates f*gs"; in that case, why would you follow that God?)Now, at the same time, I want the film to be engaging, interesting, tense, and fun! It's a little difficult to get all of this across in something as limited as a Kickstarter video, and it's pretty much set in stone at this point and with so little time left; we can still alter the text beneath it, though, so if you have any suggestions on how you think it should be improved, I'd certainly be interested!Thanks,Kyle