Gia Madonna of the Esoteric Order of Dagon

Here is godless geekette Gia Grillo, known to Atheist Experience and Non-Prophets fans for co-hosting guerrilla NPR episodes 9.6 and 9.9 with me last summer, and for terrorizing Christian sidewalk evangelists on the streets of Hoboken, all decked out in cephalo-chic finery for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade (that link may not be worksafe, btw, heads up). Who says atheists don’t have fun, especially when honoring the majesty of the Old Ones just to be on the safe side? Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn and all that. So while PZ would I’m sure wholeheartedly approve, the whole affair does look kind of gay, so I imagine Charlie would totally stay home. (Or…not?)


  1. anonymous says

    I've yet to check out the non-prophits, only because i just KNOW it'll suck me in and never let go, I'll have to dig up every back episode to catch up and I'll wanna click every related link.I cant make that kind of commitment right now ;)but this funny lady may persuade me.On a side note, Martin:If there were ever an internet-based, atheism-related, comedic cartoon series… You would HAVE to do one of the voices.

  2. says

    Martin, the entirety of Brooklyn is not worksafe, let alone that link.I second the motion for an online, atheist-themed cartoon with Martin voicing one of the characters. Now if only we had a few million bucks to set up an animation studio…

  3. says

    Hey I remember Gia, I have been envying her since she was called labelled (Christened?) Satan by those Mormons. And she became one of my favorite Godless women. And nobody here should speak ill of or mock Cthulhu. Because if he is real (and what if he is?), people should seriously ask themselves who will be eaten first: a side note, Azathoth being the First Cause makes perfect sense: a braindead god who created the universe and is only worshipped by madmen.

  4. says

    Nothin' wrong with Azathoth worship. Never hears prayers or answers them, so he's just a deist god, right? I'a.

  5. JJR says

    Ask and ye shall receive…I asked for more Gia and was blessed with this posting. Amen ;-)(I meant more guerilla episodes featuring Gia speaking, but eh, close enough…)

  6. says

    Thanks Thomas, that was really funny.And this post and the subsequent comments made me really nostalgic of the time when we were playing Call of Cthulhu RPG. Not as popular as Dungeons & Dragons, but such a great game.

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