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A fellow named Brian Wilson (not that one) is currently hosting a colossal torrent of MP3s of Atheist Experience shows from 2004 through 2010. No idea if this includes my final episodes with Ashley Perrien from when I originally hosted (but it might as I left in March of ’04). But it will include all of Ashley’s shows and the first ones with Matt. So, you know, go grab ’em, seed ’em, spread the love happening. Thanks to Brian for hosting this.


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    This is Brian. Thanks for spreading the word Martin. The folder of mp3 files is a little over 4GB and my bandwidth is limited, so bear with me folks. 😉 I will leave my computer on 24/7 but it might take a while for you to download the entire collection. For those who can, please leave your torrent program running once you download this file and consider being a permanent "seed" so other people can download more quickly. Also consider sharing the link with other people and message boards so we can spread this great content to as many folks as possible. 🙂

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    I had wanted to do something similar, but lazyness took over when trying to figure out how to seed through two routers.So I'll just help out with this one.

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    It's possible to set up a "Web Seed", such that one or more HTTP servers can help in the distribution. I'll start with my hosting once I've downloaded the current torrent.Also, it's trivial to host the .torrent file (along with a magnet link) right on the AETV site. They're not tied to their seeders at all.

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    I'm seeding all episodes from 2004 through 2010 in seven individual torrents too, one for each year.The quality is pretty good for years 2004-2009 which are encoded at 128 kbps. Year 2010's episodes are only encoded at 32 kbps. The total combined size is just under 23 gigs.Besides myself some other people are seeding too. Let me know if you need the torrent files or find them at Torrents are titled "The Atheist Experience 20## All Episodes mp3". I didn't create the torrents. I just keep the alive.

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    This is great news.I'am a newish fan of the show and it will be great to see some of the older shows. I've watched a few now, and its changed the way i feel about my Atheism.I have been quite flippant in some of my comments on the AE blog in the past.I don't think i understood how tough the people in the ACA had it.I now realize as demonstrated in a lot of the older clips how misunderstood Atheists in Austin where.I am amazed at all the people who thought Atheists were devil worshipers.I grew up in a place where any strong elegance to a religion would have been thought weird. Religious people were always considered weirdos.London in the 70's and 80's was the exact opposite of Austin. Sadly London seems like it's getting more like Austin used to be before the AE started educating people.

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    I'm glad that I made the announcement here yesterday. It seems like some people picked it up. The torrents used to just sit there idle most of the time, but ever since yesterday they max out my upload bandwidth 🙂

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    Spread the word about the show folks. Please post this link on other religion-related sites you visit. There are lots of entertaining and educational discussions in this collection that can help atheists and theists alike. 🙂

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    Thanks for discovering this Brian! This is actually a low quality torrent I created a little over a month ago. If anyone wants higher quality, there are more that I created, one for each year 2004 – 2010. I also plan to keep up with this each year so keep your eyes out for a new torrent at the beginning of 2012. Thanks to Brian for uploading this to monova since I guess I forgot to put the low quality on there xD.For the rest of my AETV torrents, visit either of these two links: The reason 2010 is so much smaller than 2004 – 2009 was that I decided that I could tune down the mp3 quality without sacrificing any actual sound quality. If you download don't forget to share at least as much as you downloaded.

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    Hoping this doesn't get snapped up by the spam filter for including a lot of 'links', but here is the apparently complete list of trackers which service this torrent:———[ Copy from below this line ]——————[ To juuust above this line ]———And this video shows how to add trackers to a torrent (for the uTorrent program, but most torrent download programs have a similar "details" or "trackers" screen), I heartily 'second' the comment about hosting the torrent on the official site – most of those other torrent download sites have ads etc which deliberately disguise themselves as the 'download' button, which can easily mislead people who aren't used to utilising such websites. Better to avoid the confusion and have a simple direct link. Maybe at the top of the Archives page? :)I'll be seeding this permanently as well – and/or the high quality versions, depending on available download allowance (Australia remains very backwards when it comes to interwebs *sigh*) – but I did get an easy 400-500kbyte/sec on the first gig so it's looking pretty healthy already! 😉

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    Seems like people keep saying they'll seed, then, don't. Maybe for some reason I just can't see them.

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    I posted earlier but it appears to have been smooshed by the spam filter due to links, so here's the text of it (it's to help people get it faster and share it through more trackers) :) a moderator is able to resurrect my previous comment (posted about 8hrs before this) then this comment can be deleted. 😉

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    Gliktch: That is a great piece of advice. Thanks for pointing it out! I went ahead and added all of these to ALL the torrents I'm seeding for AETV so the list should help on all 8.bdw3000: I guess my ears are to spoiled XD The only reason I ever did the low quality torrent was because it was specially requested on the #talkatheist IRC.

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    @The DimeryHow do you figure? 1) I already had these files. I didn't need them.2) I got them and have been seeding, all by my lonely self (unless for some reason bittorrent is hiding seeders from me), dedicating half my of my lousy total upload bandwidth. 3) I intend to continue seeding.4) My income streams depend in part on my bandwidth.And yet, people with much higher bandwidth download and hit the road as soon as they've finished, even despite saying they'd seed.Who's the cock?

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    JT: I can't speak for others here, but when I say I'll be seeding it permanently, what I mean by that is that I will keep it 'active' in my download client, so that whenever that program is running, I will be seeding the torrent. Because of my situation that means during offpeak hours, when I'm home – so about 4-8hrs/day. So if you're monitoring the torrent activity outside those hours, you wouldn't see my source. As far as I know, when most people say they'll keep something seeding, they don't mean they'll make it their mission in life to keep pumping it out 24/7.That being said, I understand your frustration; it's never nice to feel that you're being taken advantage of. All I can say is that you're not alone, at least for a few hours each day 😉

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    but enough about the past ;)im ready for more. will matt be joining us once again? hope he jumps right back into taking calls.

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