Happy 70th birthday, Richard Dawkins!

…And many thanks for all you’ve done to popularize science and reason — and pee in the cornflakes of benighted, anti-science fundamentalist clods! (It’s nice to know we’re now on your radar as well, he added modestly.)


  1. says

    Wow 70! This must make R.D the grandfather of atheism of our time.I don't see a good reason to have Dawkins on the show unless to just say, 'hi' but I sure want to see more theist callers, especially famous ones and ones that think they got a good case for god.

  2. says

    I was checking up on a suspicion and it appears that not only is Dawkins a year older than Daniel Dennett, He's almost exactly a year older since Dennett's birthday is on March 28th. So I extend my well wishes to both gentlemen (Hitch is up in 2 weeks, on April 12th.)

  3. DavidCT says

    A reminder that we need some younger people in the pipeline. A good sign is that the largest growth in non-bullshit eaters is among younger people. The real challenge is to keep them from reverting when it comes time to worry about jobs and families.