Vote for us for Best Atheist Podcast

Voting ends March 8th about midnight for the Reader’s Choice Awards. We’re ahead, but not by much…

If you haven’t voted, and you’d like to see us win, do so now.


  1. JJR says

    I prefer Non-Prophets to AE, but the audio from AE is indeed on iTunes as a downloadable podcast, so it's fair game to be nominated and voted upon.Of the ones in the running, I probably have more fun with Irreligiosophy (if only because it's more like the Non-Prophets…I like my atheist podcasts rude & crude, while AE is primarily cable access and has to be "cleaner" than that)

  2. DavidCT says

    I would prefer to vote for the Non-Prophets but it really had a poor year in 2010. If I do listen to AE it is in the podcast form thus I felt it legal to vote. I'll have to check out the "competition". It is nice to know that there are more out there.

  3. sans_Dieu says

    I voted though I never heard any of the other podcasts. Better be off to confession…

  4. says

    I regularly listen to Irreligiosophy and Reasonable Doubts, both of which I enjoy a lot. But has anyone listened to The Good Atheist? I tried a couple of episodes after seeing it on this voting list, but I just can't figure out what's there to be interested in.

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