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    no no MAtheist she should pray to god to get rid of that issue. He will help her with her burning bush which she probably got from unprotected sex due to her following the advice of the infallible Catholic Church.

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    Funny but the title was likely in reference to the burning bush described in the book of Exodus(3:1-21) as being located on Mount Horeb. The bush was on fire but not in flames, hence the plants name. The burning bush is the location at which Moses was appointed to God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into Canaan according to wikipedia.Yeah, I wonder if she purposely named it that to get the attention of the readers?

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    I thought I was going to be original making a STD joke…So is it about herpes, chlamydia, good old syphillis? Should have been called "my genital journey".

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    Just like the crass minds of atheists to draw inspiration from the gutter. Clear evidence that the divine emissions from NG Hilton's burning bush have yet to grace our heads.P.S. Honest_Guy87110: Are you being serious? Did you think people didn't know that?

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    @Honest_guy87110 "I don't discriminate..I just dislike everyone equally". You have to dislike yourself aswell otherwise this is self refuting. You are discriminating between yourself and everyone else.

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    here is a podcast short story about a burning bush where god starts speaking out of a woman's pubes know it sounds random, but listen to it, it's funny as hell

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    This just made my (rather crappy) Sunday morning. Thank you for this – I need to find a way to add it to my standard vocabulary. "Oh you know, I saw this movie and felt very inspired. It became my burning bush for the day."I guess I could say that My Burning Bush became my burning bush for today.

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    OMG, I really needed a good laugh. Thanks for all the great comments! If my bush were burning, I'd be peeing myself to put it out.

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    Hey! That's playing right now at the Charles Art Theater! Our current attraction is "My Burning Bush.We have shows daily at 2,4,6,8 and 10:00! Children under twelve, a dollar fifty!(Someone here has to get that)

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    Oh come on! Can one be that naive? She HAS to know what thought that title elicits. I mean, she just can't be that naive. I…refuse to accept that.

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