1. says

    "A man walks down the street in this apron, people know he's not afraid of anything."- paraphrased from Hoban Washburne on Firefly

  2. says

    Im gunna call in next show and say " Ive had a personal revelation that proves existence of god. He appeared before me wearing polar bear pants, a pink apron, holding a knife; said he 'was going to cut me bad unless i believe'. "

  3. Chris (from Oz) says

    I was given this apron by the invisible pink unicorn. She wouldn't be seen in it.Now, come here Yahweh, I have a present for you.

  4. says

    There are only 2 options. Either I'm wearing a pink apron or I am NOT wearing a pink apron.What you BELIEVE about the pink apron is a separate issue.

  5. says

    Atheists across the world would like to point out that lack of belief in a god does not lead to actions or fashion sense.What does NOT believing in unicorns MAKE you wear?

  6. says

    Uff! Wish I could edit posts!"Come over here little girl, I baked you some… Oh wait… I'm supposed to be holding the knife behind my back, not the cookies."

  7. says

    Not a caption, but I think I own a pair of those exact same PJ bottoms; Joe Boxer with Polar Bears.But not the apron. Never the apron.