Because sometimes we’re not above cheap lulz

Surely we can find some example of hilarious and absurd behavior among the religious to mark the passing of this year’s Christmas season. Oh, here’s a fun one…


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    I'm sorry Martin but I don't see how this is lulz-worthy. We are presented with some story where one party gives one explaination about how things happened and the other party gives another. We have no idea who is right. So how does this clip generate lulz?

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    She's climbing in your windows snatching your possesions up. So, hide your purses, hide your shoes, hide your coats cause she stealin' everything up in here. She is so dumb, for real.

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    @Stijn- But look at her side. She claims she saw two robbers and didn’t call the cops, snuck into the house through a window, was caught stuffing the stolen coats into her car, gave the cops a fake name, broke out of the handcuffs, has a criminal past of prostitution and fraud, and then tries to play it off that she was just checking up on the woman. If I went to church, I would feel more comfortable if the pastor climbed in my window to rob me, rather than to “check up” on me. She was caught red-handed and will not admit it. Its amusing. (Also, the girl wearing a whole outfit of fur was kind of funny. I Wonder if she goes to church with a coonskin hat.

  4. Martin says

    Everyone pay attention to Stijn. That is how you do a Poe, not the idiot who wrote the stupid email to Jen. XD

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    I can imagine what's going to happen in the months ahead. The pastor will eventually admit to the crime and claim something outrageous like "oh the devil possessed me and took advantage of me". And after swearing her love for Jesus everyone at the church will be like "Awwww, what a good Christian she is. We want her to be our pastor again". By the way, is it just me or is that home pretty run down for having a ton of fur coats and other expensive items in it?

  6. Martin says

    I was wondering that myself, Tyler. Or maybe her wardrobe is all that lady cares about, way more than her house, and so it's where she sinks all her money. You'd think she'd have better security with all that rich swag in her closet, though, wouldn't you?

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    I don't make much of the fur coats situation. My mom had several fur coats that she inherited from Her grandmother. Fur coats, if taken care of, can last numerous generations.There are a number of ways the woman could have come into possession of them that aren't Republican ire-worthy.

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    Well, now all the neighborhood teefs know where all the fur coats are, since they splashed a pic of the lady's house and coat closet all up on the TV, not to mention showing that security there is pretty lax…I give it two weeks till she gets got by some more professional teefs…

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    "she needs to find her way"I wonder what her reaction would've been if she wasn't a pastor, or a Christian.Just imagine the news telling "neighbor tries to rob home". I don't think the victim would be as forgiving to her neighbor, or even 'love' her for stealing. 😉 She'd sue her. But now it's all "I hope she finds her way".I hope her arrest will become an example of how clergy aren't above the law.

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    rrlane said…I don't make much of the fur coats situation…There are a number of ways the woman could have come into possession of them that aren't Republican ire-worthy.Agreed. Personally, my reaction wasn't the "welfare queens driving cadillacs" approach but more along the lines of "Woman, where are your priorities?". Although with all that fur it must be very cozy inside that little house…like a kangaroo pouch.

  11. DavidCT says

    Hey! Jeebus wants his followers to let go of their possessions and follow him. The paster was just helping the woman move on to a higher state of being.This pastor is not all there and suggesting she is typical of deluded theists is not very satisfying. It is on the same level as blaming secular values for the actions of Stalin or that little Catholic fellow with the toothbrush mustache. I do have to wonder why she is not worried about going to hell for violating two of the big ten (coveting and then stealing). She claims from a pulpit that the carrot and stick of heaven and hell exist. Does she not think god's law applies to her? I am overwhelmed by the power of christian values and morality.

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    "I do have to wonder why she is not worried about going to hell for violating two of the big ten"She's saved by Jesus, remember? She can commit as many sins as she wants now! In fact, not sinning would be a waste of all that Jesus suffering. She's just getting her crucifixion's worth.

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    Thanks. I Googled for something similar but got different results.I still don't see how this video is lulz-worthy and I fail to see why I was "doing a Poe".

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    The humor is in the irony, Stijn. She's a pastor, which, at least in the mind of the "devout" makes her a better person; a person that others should look up to. Her actions directly contradict the pious assertion that belief in a deity makes one a more moral person.Sadly, there are plenty of examples to prove that believers are no better than anyone else (I'd assert that it's prone to make one worse). The problem is that, usually the things that are news-worthy are so atrocious that to laugh at it would be disgusting.Such as :,8599,1877352,00.html

  15. Martin says

    Stijn: The other point is that your original comment could have been written as is, but with a hint of underlying sarcasm, and it would have been a great example of "Poe" humor.

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    But, but…True Christians are transformed! I know it's true! Transformed I tell you! By the power of GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT! Shanananagoolooopagamawatobinibinibini *rolls around on the floor gibbering*Ah, that's better, now where was I? Ah yes, we can see this woman is a false convert or a pretender, because True Christians simply wouldn't and are very stable and moral people. STABLE! Shanananagoolooowapanamatabinibinibini…

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    I see :)It's just that I usually don't see one news item as something you can base judgement on. But I'll stop sabotaging the lulz-train. Continue!

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    I love it. This woman's credibility as a pastor has just gone through the roof. All she has to do is confess that 'I have sinned' or 'the devil made me do it' and her congregation will treble.Now it is my turn to confess: this is my first time on this site and, like Stijn, I am finding my vocab of web-speak sorely lacking. I not only had to google 'Poe' but also 'lulz'! Thank you for improving my education.