No Phones for next Sunday’s show

Many of you are probably aware that the phone system in the TV studio wasn’t working last Sunday and the crew did whatever they could to make a workable show out of the situation.

I’ve just been informed that the phone situation will not be resolved in time for next Sunday’s show. Tracie and I are scheduled to be on that show, and it’ll be the last show of the year. I don’t want to try to find a last-minute solution using Skype (though we’ll look at this for the future) and I’m not going to try to wade through the muck in the UStream chat to find something here’s the plan:

I will pick out a few relevant news stories and a few interesting e-mails (Tracie is welcome to have a few of her own), and we’ll spend part of the show discussing these.

I’d also like to have a bit of fun, so I’ll keep thinking about this during the week and the entire plan may change before showtime….


  1. Martin says

    Sigh. After ten years, and a million-dollar "upgrade," they still can't get anything to work at Channel Austin. The same problems crop up that cropped up in 1999. Starting to think it's high time we took some of that ACA war chest we've been saving up for a decade and start building our own media studio at last.

  2. says

    A good suggestion might be to read some of the good responses (if any) you received when Matt asked for surprising questions that he might have been asked at his debate, and then respond to them.

  3. says

    I generally prefer Non Prophets to the call in show because sometimes the callers annoy me with their rambling nervousness, so I will like this show!P.S. I have a bone to pick with you Matt, but I'll e-mail later 😉

  4. says

    Possible substitution's on a live call-in show? 1.) Cover hot relevant news topics, current events and localized updates if applicable 2.) Pre-screen questions in email for the show or during 3.) revisit the best of old episodes 4.) Cover most humorous past calls-ins 5.) Invite a special guest on the show 6.) use 'group think' to come up with new possible show solutions 7.) include some humor to keep the attention of viewers 8.) pre-record callers when possible then discuss topics 9.) stay away from online chat unless it's highly structured and being screened 10.) take the time to revisit topics or issues that need more attention but otherwise get put on the back burner

  5. says

    I think it's a great opportunity for Tracie to come and present something because she usually has interesting material to present. My vote is for a Tracie show!

  6. says

    It seems ironic that the folks at Ask an Atheist had far fewer equipment glitches at SCAN studios, and yet Seattle is shutting it all down, while you guys just went through a big upgrade and the phones are still wonky. I applaud Russell for his valiant effort in show 687. If I believed in karma I'd suggest it was payback for the time he was late because he was playing WoW, although I suppose he's paid his debt to society on that one by now.

  7. HailScience says

    It's kind of late now (show starts in 2hrs), but why not have an end-of-year awards show? TV has the Emmys; Howard Stern has the F-Emmys; Atheist-Experience is ripe for The Expies. Serious awards for secular progress; best caller award; a shake of the head for the Tx BOE; and honorable mentions to episodes to down in infamy (last week). What to do for trophies… trophies… hm… any suggestions?