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    I watched this solely for the science content. :-)Seriously, though, those are pretty amazing gals. I was especially impressed with Regina, at about 1:02. She makes me feel like a dunce.

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    There was 1 girl in my science program in university, and she definitely did not look like THAT. She was pretty tubby, and to top it off, was a member of Campus Crusade for Christ. *shudder*

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    I posted a link to this on the Houston Atheists Meetup Message board and received this response:Hey David, Just saw your latest thread about the science cheerleaders. I used to work (and throw her chocolate over the cube walls) with Summer Williams, the first one interviewed that's an engineer at JSC. Didn't want to post this to the board, so emailing it to you. She is VERY religious, very rethuglican (loves Sarah Palin), and arrogant about her looks and wonders why she can't keep a boyfriend! Thought you'd find this bit of personal info interesting. Not everything is what it seems! However, she's hot as hell. LOL Ken

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    You know what this needed…DOCTOR INSANO! Hey, MAD Science is still a form of science!At least it's not pseudo-science ^_^

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    Thanks for destroying my dream girl David. Jeez, and here I was trying to be ignorant by one and only one thing in my life and you completely trash my idea of her. Ignorance is bliss :p

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    Here, (Canada)one would need more than a Bacelor degree to be called an engineer. Whatever, it is great that the effort has been made to get these cheerleaders together to promote science and to show that beauty and brains go together well.

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    martin wagner does not exist…, we're gonna cut off your heads…THE HIGH PRICE OF

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    I rather take one of these pretty girls and spend a lovely lifetime with her, than spend a whole eternity with the so called "all loving god" The god according to some holy books at times resembles me a dark lord from Lord of the Rings, than any kind of a loving "heavenly father"! I wonder if Bible made more sense, if we replaced word angel with goblins?

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    Mary are you trying to imply Canadian engineers are somehow better qualified and better educated than their American counterparts?? By the way my Uncle is an engineer with only some college. They had apprenticeships for engineers back years ago.

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