A fond farewell to Joe Rhodes

Joe Rhodes has been one of AETV’s producers since — well, since I was host, I do believe. How the time it do fly.

Anyway, he’s given us both good news and bad news. The good news is that he’s gotten a job in the Portland, OR region, and the bad naturally means that this will entail leaving us. Joe’s hard work on the show over several years has been invaluable. The old cliché that we couldn’t have done it without him here holds true, and we all owe him a debt of gratitude. So this coming show will be his last, after which we wish him happy trails! I’m sure there are enough AETV fans in that area to make him welcome when he settles in.


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    Well, I just recently moved away from Portland, OR, but I am sure he will love it there. As far as I am concerned Portland is the best place on earth.

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    omg someone got a job! a miracle!grats to Joe, hope it's a good job and fun too.I've been to Portland for a short while, cool place.

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    Joe,You've done a fantastic job as producer. I know what a tough job it is, and I appreciate all you've been doing for years. All the best.Russell

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    It's too bad that major contributors like this remain unknown to most.At least he's not dead (That's what I thought when I first read the subject line).

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