New “renegade” Non-Prophets episode recording tomorrow

During the lengthy and ongoing hiatus that has frustrated NPR fans for months and months, Russell and Lynnea recently recorded their own stop-gap, “renegade” episode to help mark time until the regular show hosted by Denis, Russell and Matt is able to resume. Which they’re saying may be September. Which would be better interpreted as “wait and see.” But as fans were happy with Russell and Lynnea’s effort, there’s no reason not to keep this up, especially as magical internettical computerifical technological magic makes it so easy.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be recording yet another of these renegade shows, and it should be available on the NPR site by Friday. (It won’t be a livecast though, so no simultaneous chat.) One of my guest hosts will be my dear friend, the beautiful and snarktacular Gia Grillo, aka PamAnnJett, whom most of you will recall from the post here not long ago, in which she recounted her little saga about walking boldly up to a pair of squeaky clean sidewalk proselytizers and mercilessly emasculating them in front of everybody! Hey, she may be small, but she packs a wallop. Joining us also, from the misty forests of northern California, will be our mutual friend, Chris Conner. Mostly our topic will involve how the Internet has played such a powerful role, both as a resource for atheists and a way to forge a sense of community among us that atheists never had before. The rise in atheism’s profile globally; the popularity of shows like AETV and blogs like Pharyngula; the ability for there even to be such a thing as million-selling atheist books; and finally, the many connections of simple friendships open to us — the Internet has done more for the spread of reason than anything, and we’ll talk about how it’s impacted our lives. The Young, Godless, and Fabulous today live in a much different world than the one that afflicted Madalyn O’Hair’s generation. But in many ways, not much has changed and there’s still so much to be done.

All this and other stuff. Look for the new show to be downloadable by the weekend, gang. I’m very much looking forward to it myself.


  1. says

    Yay, that's the attitude we want! 😀 Keep it up, we're looking forward to it. And I'm happy for choosing her as guest, I found her story inspiring.Thanks for not letting us starve until September 😀

  2. Steve says

    Looking forward to it. Maybe, different members of the ACA could fill in and host the show while Matt gets things worked out. If they can't all get together at the same place, they could always Skype it.

  3. JJR says

    Thanks to you guys for continuing to produce these guerrilla episodes of the Non-Prophets while Dillahunty International Studios remain temporarily closed for business. 😉 Good luck w/ the move, Matt. Somebody tell Shilling to get Skype up there in Denton and have him step up and call one in every now and then.

  4. says

    YES! I discovered PamAnn via the previous post and asked her to star on AETV or NPR. The dry season of awesome will soon end. Let us all praise the awesome we're about to recieve and thank the majestic force behind it (ACA with friends and crew) right now, so awesome will not run dry again. Also, sacrificing virgins might (no promises) please our lords of the good news.

  5. says

    It was so nice to hear your voices for reason back on the air! PamAnn was "snarktacular" as advertised. Lots of Laughs and positive Atheism, Good Job!

  6. says

    Hey, I was listening to the show this morning, congrats and thanks a lot. I would like to suggest, if I may, you (or whoever updates the nonprophets site) cosidered adding something else to the description there. I get my episodes from the site (no iTunes for me) and it took me a bit of a search to find PamAnnJett´s video in this this blog.Thankyouu!!!

  7. says

    I just read someone asks for Shilling to get skype and be in future episodes. I couldn´t agree more, I think he added a lot of interest to the show.