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    I get all of my American from Jon Stewart, but even he ran a segment about how the tea-party-whatever are being excessively (and unfairly) portrayed by the media as fringe-lunatic militias. Maybe they are silly (I am not an expert) but this kind of "cheap shot" is the lowest form of in-group/out-group reinforcement. Can't we leave the mean-spirited dehumanization of the "Other" to religions? Maybe you're trying to be like PZ, but when he hurls insults they generally have a rational basis (i.e. person X is an ass-clown because they did or said Y, not simply a baseless mischaracterization of people as zoophiles).

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    @Shane…the portrayal as nasty racist lunatics is completely uncalled for! I'm fairly certain Elie Wiesel would be ecstatic beyond words if the Teabaggers description of the holocaust was accurate. Frankly as far as I'm concerned goat fucking would be a step up for them. At least they wouldn't be raping corpses anymore. Fucking vulturous pricks. I can't stand watching these bastards claw through the ashes to drag up victims of actual true blue fascism and popularist mania to protest FUCKING HEALTH CARE REFORM. This shit overblows HCR while belittling the actual holocaust. They might as well just go around and kick every Jew and Poll right in the nads. My grandfather and great uncle did NOT join the military and go back to Europe to fight HEALTH CARE REFORM. My relatives in Poland were not killed by HEALTH CARE REFORM. Sorry for flying off the handle but I feel strongly about this. These people think they're being cute and 'activists' and have no idea how fucking monstrous their message is.

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    How can if be that Obama is a Communist and a Fascist at the same time? It only shows how ignorant so many of his detractors are. Obama certainly is not perfect but while well reasoned objections are helpful, mindless use of labels is not.

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    David – "How can if be that Obama is a Communist and a Fascist at the same time?"Because in Nazi Germany all the Jewish, Slavic, gay, liberal and other undesirables used as slaves were under state control. Just like Obama wants your healthcare to be under state control. Can't you see it's obvious! Obama = Hitler.;)

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    Oh I forgot to mention. That image I have there? With the tea party. The gy in the white whose face you can't see. The one who drew the hitler on Obama? MINISTER

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    "Obama = Hitler."To be fair there are many similarities between Hitler and ObamaFor example neither can paint worth shit.