It ain’t just Rush and Pat

Seriously, how primitive in its development does one’s poor little brain stem have to be, to be the kind of person who interprets, in this day and age, natural disasters as some form of divine wrath? Seriously, I can understand cave-dwelling hominids cowering in their caves from a thunderstorm thinking this way. But in a 21st century civilized, technological, post-Enlightenment society? Get on board the short bus, tardboy!

Who else can we add to this parade of thermostupid? Oh, how about the reliably batshit crazy Brannon Howse? Here we see Brannon exercising his considerable prophecy skills to predict God’s next meteorological snit.

Brannon believes America may very well see a serious crisis this week such as flooding in the North East for Obama’s treatment of Israel in the past few days and particularly for his treatment of Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Why does Brannon say this?

Because Brannon is a paste-eating fuckheaded moron, that’s why. The above was posted March 30. Anyone remember the news reports of flooding in the northeast the following week? Nope, me neither.


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    But Martain you have to listen what he said in cooooooooonteeeeeeeeext /Cartman whineAlso apparently according to Shermer 20% of all Atheists believe in god.I think it's safe to admit that I "don't get" him.

  2. says

    Actually on March 30 the state of Maine was already experiencing serious flooding. So this "prediction" was either predicting something that was already happening or else Brannon was blaming the Maine floods on God as retribution for Obama's political actions (or maybe both.) Either way it makes him look like a jerk to me.

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    Actually there was some significant flooding in the Northeast that week however it started BEFORE his post. So basically it wasn't even a real prediction because he was basically saying "the weather is going to continue".Also, flooding in the Northeast in March could be predicted by anyone who's lived here any length of time. There is ALWAYS flooding in March/April/May when the snow melts usually helped out by rain.

  4. Martin says

    Right, so Brannon could have just said, "There will be torrential rains in Seattle and up and down the Pacific Northwest as a sign of God's wrath," and he'd be just as dumb. Understood.

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    It doesn't take much to make them sound stupid. These kinds of statements are just icing on the proverbial stupid-cake.

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    ""There will be torrential rains in Seattle and up and down the Pacific Northwest as a sign of God's wrath," and he'd be just as dumb. Understood."Don't be so sure…the last time Seattle turned against God it was closely followed by the storm of 1990…due to end any day now.

  7. DavidCT says

    Any fool should see that the flooding in Maine was god's retribution for repealing the gay marriage law put in effect by Gov. Baldacci. It just took magic man a while to get around to it.As for Obama's standing up to the arrogant Israeli leader, god is pissed but allah is pleased. But they are the same god. Never could figure out the trinity – will the real magic man please stand up. Trying to make sense of this non-sense just makes my head hurt. I just need another cup or two of dumb-ass to fit in.

  8. says

    Martin,Do you realize that every year around March the sins of mankind cause God Almighty to halt the flow of Mallomars, only to have him mercifully relent around October and bless us with them anew? Every. Single. Year.And yet we refuse to learn. We go on sinning. This world could be a paradise, Martin, a Mallomars-in-summer paradise, if we would only repent and live righteously.