Sorry for the quietude

It’s been a little quiet around here the last few days, I know. Sorry for that. I think we’re all just concentrating on real-life stuff lately. There have been some things of atheist interest happening, though, so I’ll chime in on those as I have time. But for now you can consider this an open thread on the following theme: sexual shenanigans among public figures. Take, as your inspiration, the following: much as we all love to hate Fox News, I must confess their headline writers have a good sense of humor.


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    Yeah, that's a pretty funny headline. I have to say, though, Massa sounds like a fun guy. At 50 he should be expected to be more professional, but can you really blame the guy for having some fun on his birthday?Though I have to admit that being groped by any man, let alone a 50-year-old, would make me uncomfortable.

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    Somehow, I doubt that the Fox headline writers saw that as a good pun. Inadvertent is probably the better description. No sense of humor at all.

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