1. Reid Burger says

    Every single word that came out of her mouth on Leno was complete gibberish or lies. It is amazing to me what our country has become that we let outright fibs go on without any sort of flack from the mainstream news like cnn and msnbc. I guess it is up to us interwebers to start the grassroots.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she criticize Obama's celebrity during the campaign?I'd like to see her run for office after this…if nothing else she'd split the total-fuckwit vote.

  3. says

    @MythnamRight-wingers only hate liberal celebrities. You mention Ted Nugent or Charlie Daniels, and the odds of you hearing "why don't these celebrities shut up" drop substantially*.(You might hear "this guy's an idiot", or "why won't that jack-ass shut up", but you'll never hear "why won't celebrities shut up")

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    I care about Sarah Palin, because I would like her to be enshrined as the icon of the Republican party for as long as possible. She's like Ray Comfort in that regard. The more exposure she gets, the happier I am.

  5. says

    @Kazim:That's a good point. I was just being curmudgeonly. It's important to watch how much the Republicans actually take her seriously politically, I just got grouchy because this post was more about the stupid writing books/going on tv/trying standup junk.*shakes cane*

  6. says

    I just wish her supporters/defenders would stop doing so out of spite and to taunt Teh Libruhls. I don't think they take her seriously, either, but they need to feel like they've won. Like, Elisabeth Hasselbeck's persona on The View.

  7. says

    @ Russel.I wish I was as optimistic to belief she was an albatros for the right. Right now she's a tethering cable connecting the insane portions to the less insane but dumb as shit ones. Smart conservatives either see her as a good tool, yeah fuck them, or want nothing to do with her.But you know, neither party is made up of mostly smart people.

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    ""White trash"? I'm no Palin supporter, but I would hope for better than mere ad hominem attacks on this blog."How about attention whore hypocritical narcissistic moronic bat squeaking insane little demagogue?

  9. Martin says

    Concern noted, Cody. And besides, it wasn't an ad hominem. It was just a straight-up insult.

  10. says

    Oh Apparently she also used Canadian socialist healthcare in her youth, and is using socialized state health care for Trig and Bristol's kid. Bristol's kid they count as an Indian (1/32 blood count) so they're getting insurance for him through the state. You know despite he's not at all a part of that tribe by any reasonable cultural standard, and she's all against socialism.This is all she's about. ME ME ME ME ME. She has ample but is suckling at the teat of the state as much as any welfare queen.

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    If we can all laugh along with Chris Rock's stand-up piece on 'Black People vs Niggas,' we shouldn't have a problem with Martin calling out some of his fellow Caucasians for being "white trash."Especially when they are acting like it.That's where I stand. So long as such epithets are about behavior, as opposed to attacking people for simply being poor and uneducated, I don't see a problem.

  12. says

    Damn, George, you're just such a latte-drinking elitist snob, out of touch with Regular Folks like the Palins! 😉

  13. says

    @ George. Once again I loose Jersey points for agreeing with ya.My girlfriend actually has a favorite quite "Every race has it's white trash"

  14. says

    The last time a guy called me that I reached across the table – an exquisite Belter Rococo marbletop which just makes the room – and smacked him with the latest issue of The Absolute Sound. In so doing, I spilled cafe con leche all over my brand new NPR bookbag.That was the last time I invited HIM to our Georges Bataille discussion group, let me tell you.So watch it, buddy. We simple folks don't kindly to such provocations…

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    "Damn, George, you're just such a latte-drinking elitist snob, out of touch with Regular Folks like the Palins! ;)"That's another thing that bugs the Eff out of me. She is not "regular folks" her affluence and life style place her as much as a regular joe as Archduke Ferdinand. She's completely oblivious to what life is about for the lower classes.

  16. says

    Ing, in right wing newspeak, the determination that you are either "elitist" or "regular" is not made by your income, political power, or station in life. That would be class warfare, and we all know that's a very bad thing.Instead, how elite you are is determined solely by how intelligent you appear to be. If you don't act like an idiot, you will be accused of being a pompous snob. And also, you talk like a fag.