Atheist Experience on February 21st

Our regular time slot for The Atheist Experience for February 21st was taken by a class in the same studio. The crew has worked their magic and got us the slot from 8-9:30 pm that day (3.5 hours later). It looks like the show will go on. Please watch the stream and participate as you normally would.

Matt and Martin will be on and they will have a special guest, Darrell Ray, author of The God Virus: How Religion Infects our Lives and Culture.


  1. says

    I looked at the website you linked to and by the author's name there's a link to his "[Athiest Nexus Page]".WTF? I can understand the "homescholed" crowd not being able to spell atheist right, but come on!

  2. Martin says

    Actually I think we're doing Threadgill's before the show this time. So the show time shifts, but dinner stays the same.

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