NY Times Magazine covers the Texas SBOE

The New York Times Magazine published a very good piece this weekend on the Texas State Board of Education, it’s Christian exceptionalist members and their motivations. The piece is called “How Christian were the Founders?“. It’s long, but thourough and fair. I recommend it.

One of the last points Russell Shorto makes at the end of the article is that a few of the SBOE members are vulnerable or not seeking reelection (Cynthia Dunbar). We Texans have a chance to correct some of these problems in the upcoming March primaries and in the general election in November. If you live in Texas, we urge you to pick candidates who will truly improve education in Texas.


  1. Martin says

    One fellow currently considering a run is our very own Mark Loewe. I'm sure as he firms up his decision he'll let us know.

  2. says

    Man it's…hard in cases like this not to demonize people like this."Why yes we are openly a sinister cartel with the soul purpose of destroying the establishment we've been elected to steward, tally ho!"Man…it'd be like finding out the head honchos in the military were pinko hippies.

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