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    Well, since Isaac Newton was not born from a virgin, I deny gravity, just like I deny the theories of Galileo and Darwin. Obviously, if any of them had to be right, they would have been born from a virgin, or would have got their writings all hot from a burning bush or something.

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    If you've been a good girl or boy, the ghost of Sir Isaac Newton might arise through the floor and leave calculus books under your tree!

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    Actually, Newton was born in december 25 1642 of the OLD calendar. In the Gregorian Calendar (the current one) that date corresponds to january 4 1643. But I still celebrate Summer Solstice on the 25 and wait for Zombie Newton to bring us presents and apples.

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    The radio station I'm on does a nightly celebrity trivia bit. Early in the hours of Dec 25th, I chose Isaac Newton as my trivia question. Even better, the theist who is on air with me didn't get a chance to mention that it was allegedly Jesus' birthday, because I was hosting and choosing the questions (sneaky me!)Hooray for sticking some science and reason into the media!!

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    He would have considered alchemy a legtimate avenue of intellectual pursuit, one that would give the natural philosopher an opportunity to study the interface between the natural world (matter) and the supernatural one (spirit). It was, really, a way to keep his science from being too "atheistically" mechanical.