Okay, I didn’t see this coming

Everybody catch the news about Mexico City legalizing gay marriage? That kind of got slipped over the transom, didn’t it? And it’s interesting that the vote wasn’t even close in that ever-so-Catholic country: 39-20 in favor with five abstentions. It’ll be even more interesting to follow the reactions and ramifications of this. Cue indignant spluttering from the Vatican in 3…2…1…


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    "They have given Mexicans the most bitter Christmas," said Armando Martinez, the president of the College of Catholic Attorneys. "They are permitting adoption [by gay couples] and in one stroke of the pen have erased the term 'mother' and 'father.'"[from http://english.aljazeera.net/news/americas/2009/12/2009122215311777648.html%5DGays are getting married! They've ruined Christmas! That makes me laugh. And allowing gays to adopt somehow erases the terms "mother" and "father"? What does that even mean? Mothers and fathers everywhere will be just fine, even if every homosexual in the world gets married and adopts some kids. There are a lot of children who need a loving home. It's sad that there are people out there who'd rather neglect or ignore the needs of these kids in order to push their religious agenda.

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    Oily sheet! How?…I mean, I thought that the catholics had an iron grip on Mexico. I figured that N.C. would legalize it before any part of Mexico…pardon my apparent bigotry…I just thought that ….HOLY SHIT! I'M LIVING IN THE (christian) BIBLE BELT OF THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! Don't let me down Asheville…you're my only hope!

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    The vatican seems to be too busy right now copyrighting the "respected" image of the pope, and trying to make Nazi-enabler Pius XIV (IIRC) a saint. Once that's done, and they shuffle a few more pedophiles around, and ensure that more Africans die of AIDS…then we'll see the outrage.

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    So, gay marriage is the one thing wrong with Mexico. I'm not saying we're great, but, to ignore the poverty and corruption of the place, and then get angry because some Mexican child is going to have two fathers/mothers/…holy crap! I don't know how to label the people taking care of that poor child!Send him back to the streets, before Merriam Webster finds out! We must protect the sanctity of semantics!

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    One thing many Americans don't realize, its that Latin America is catholic by tradition, and that the native Americans were forced to embrace Catholicism or else die. So, now we have countries with lots of fundies, oh yeah, but also with a wide variety of non practicing and non practicing catholics-Carismatics, Sagrada Familia, Nueva Alianza-. The ugly part is, of course that a bunch of missionaries from the states, mostly Mormons and evangelicals are, in fact spreading their hate message throughout Latin America, and a new movement… a "spiritual revival" has been set in motion. So I must say, in these countries, the liberal ones are the catholics, the evangelicals are pretty much trying to get the power the Catholic Church once had.So after that short intro, I must say, I'm not surprised at all this happened in Mexico. Guatemala, in the other hand, might be totally different since the vast majority of their theist population is evangelical.

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    Is the Catholic Church becoming irrelevant even in Mexico? If so, I got my Christmas gift. Now if they become irrelevant in Italy as well, there might be a god after all, and I will have to thank him for answering my wish.