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Not only is Markuze still lurking around with his childish hit-‘n-run poo-flinging, but tonight, for the very first time, I popped a bit of Asian porn spam, of all the lame things. Cripes. It remains to be seen if that turns into a growing trend. In the meantime, just remember you all can keep the comments lively as you always do, and yours will get approved in fairly short order if you don’t see it appear right away.


  1. DavidCT says

    At least you are letting in some opposing views which keeps the blog interesting. It also helps this site not become a mutual admiration society (like a church). Thanks for the extra work.

  2. says

    In the name of the lloyd, I don't think I've ever trolled any theist/creationist sites.I guess it's understandable when one's whole philosophical outlook on life is to regress to 5-year-old mentality/knowledge, and stay there.

  3. Hammered Thor says

    Totally off topic but that's probably a good thing in this case lol.Go see Avatar in 3D, wow! What an amazing movie!

  4. says

    "The "They're all sideways" thing is just a myth."Actually I thought it was christians who are now sideways. At least that's what some rough riding gangsta rappers were telling me.

  5. says

    @Hammered Thor:Had been planning seeing Avatar, but I think you cemented my decision to see it at the IMAX. This Friday or next, we'll check it out.

  6. says

    While we are off topic check out "72 hours remain" for the three straight streaming gaming event to help raise money for the charity Child's play.Although you could probably just spend the money to see avatar in a fancy theater instead of watching a grainy live stream of some nerds…But hey, won't you please think of the children?

  7. Hammered Thor says

    @kazimI had read some reviews that made it sound like Avatar could be Star Wars for this generation but I think it's better than that.

  8. says

    Trollers are… annoying to say the least. Thanks for your extra work, hope those bastards grow up soon…YES! Go see Avatar in 3D! Sure, not the best movie made in history, but f-ing incredible!

  9. says

    I dunno about Avatar…I just can't see the maker of Titanic doing a sci-fi movie.That was just for the sick amusement of knowing everyone born before 1990's heads just started shooting out steam and imploding.

  10. says

    Avatar is awesome! There are some disturbing undertones of alternative age'ism that I suspect may give our alternative medicine crowd hard ons, but apart from that – it's a fantastic movie.They possibly could have dropped about 20 minutes of 'war fight bang bang' toward the end of the movie, you'll see what I mean.

  11. says

    @JayeI agree a bit, except the script did go out of its way to provide a scientific justification. Sigourney Weaver went out of her way to say "there is something physically measurable going on" which is all we have ever asked any deity to provide.Without going into further spoilers, if I had the evidence that was on display, I would certainly believe in *that* god claim.

  12. says

    Avatar is not the next Star Wars. It's just not. I love Jim Cameron and I love visual effects and I'm not someone who hates on movies just to be contrary. It's a perfectly solid and entertaining film. But it's not the next Star Wars. It's a technical achievement like nothing before, you forget that you're essentially watching an animated movie and engage with the characters, but take away the visual effects, remake this movie with people in makeup and costumes on a big set, is anyone even talking about it? Probably not, and certainly not in comparison to Star Wars. In fact, without the expensive visuals…it's kind of boring. By all means see the film, enjoy the film, but it's more groundbreaking on the production side than the audience experience side. I do agree with Derrick: their entire religion had quantifiable scientific evidence for the claims they were making. If any religions on Earth had them, those would be good reasons to believe!

  13. Hammered Thor says

    Dorkman, well, it's all just a matter of opinion. For me, this blew Star Wars away and I loved Star Wars.

  14. Hammered Thor says

    As for the religious parts, yeah, if religion on earth was like that then I'd be religious.

  15. says

    I know this is off-topic as has already been stated but I thought Avatar was crap, personally. The only good thing I can say about it is that it was pretty. The story was subpar and a carbon copy of everything else ever made in that same vein. As a piece of cinema, it was a pretty turd.

  16. says

    I'll admit I'm an *extremely* forgiving movie viewer. I love the Matrix sequels, for which I get no end of incomprehending stares.To me, I don't necessarily need the story to be hugely innovative if it's a classic plot told well. You could tell from the previews that this was going to be Dances With Wolves with blue aliens.

  17. Hammered Thor says

    yeah well if you guys don't like Avatar you're going to be tortured in a lake of fire for eternity so there!

  18. says

    Totally unrelated, as most of these comments, but while watching the opening credits of the "Atheist Experience", I think I noticed the earth rotating the wrong way. Maybe somebody already pointed that out, but I just though I'd mention it.

  19. says

    Yes, the earth is rotating the wrong way around. It would be nice if you could play that layer backwrds to correct it. I remember Thunderf00t ripping Howtheworldworks appart for such a mistake. 🙂

  20. says

    "I agree Ing, which why I'm glad he never made Aliens or Terminator 1 and 2."Let us just be glad they never tried to expand those franchises without him. Imagine if they tried to make an alien 3 or 4? Or a Terminator 3 and 4? that'd be stupid.

  21. Martin says

    Frakkin frak! Asian porn spam #2 popped this morning. Where are these d-bags coming from suddenly (and don't say "Asia," it's a rhetorical question)? Is it just the case that once your blog hits a certain threshold of traffic you are at once blessed with the attention of the least evolved form of spam-organisms?

  22. says

    "s it just the case that once your blog hits a certain threshold of traffic you are at once blessed with the attention of the least evolved form of spam-organisms?"I read that as "Sperm-Organisms"