We get email: reason can’t be trusted

Hello there.

Did you consider that reaosn and evolution are concepts in crisis since the developement of modern semantics? I think Chomsky explains it better in his conference about biolinguistics. But the destruction of positivsm is something that happened in the late XIX century. Evolution and reason are no longer concepts to be trusted anymore. I was wondering if you read the work of post structuralists like Derrida or Lyotard, even Heidegger in the early XX century let that statement cristal clear. But the real doubt was… you are concient of all this I’m saying and you choose not to brought it up in the show cause believers are three steps behind it, or you actually don’t know it :S

Thanks for reading!

Dear *****,

Thank you for pointing out that reason does not matter. After reading your letter, I have concluded that you are, in fact, an imaginary platypus named Phil. As such, I have decided to let my talking anthropomorphic ceiling tile answer your letter for me. Please let me know when you hear from him.

Russell Glasser
The Atheist Experience


  1. DavidCT says

    Well that was about as coherent as gibberish. There were sentences and English words but I could not detect anything meaningful. I guess we are all too primitive to comprehend the truth when it is so clearly presented and right before our eyes.

  2. says

    A lot of names thrown there for the sake of making an argument out of nothing, and I am being generous. I doubt he understands much, of anything, of the works of those intellectuals he mentions.

  3. says

    Well at least he didn't try to use reason to establish that reason can't be trusted. That would have made him look like some kind of idiot!

  4. says

    Wanda: "But you think you're an intellectual, don't you, ape?" Otto: "Apes don't read philosophy." Wanda: "Yes they do, Otto, they just don't understand it!"

  5. says

    Sounds like my women's and gender studies courses. They were fun, and they did have some excellent things to say, but the postmodernist and post-structuralism epistemological theories missed the boat on a number of things I think

  6. says

    @Derrick:That is a great xkcd, but I think this one is also pretty relevant."Communicating badly and then acting smug when you're not understood is not cleverness."

  7. says

    nice cultural ref there Russ… Interestingly enough that movie was the first time I'd heard of Nietszche (another reason it is just awesome)

  8. says

    It looks to me as though there was a sudden and precipitous IQ drop in this post after "early XX century". And, of course, reason and evolution are inextricably linked; the fate of one must decide the fate of the other.

  9. says

    hey kazim… you just called that poor guy **** thats sooo low!Now seriously… I mean… " I think Chomsky explains it better in his conference about biolinguistics."**** you don't understand it… then you don't fuking bring it up!Have a nice day.