And now, for your enjoyment, today’s clueless-theist-with-no-sense-of-irony moment

I offer no comment.

HT: Jennifer Juniper via Facebook.


  1. says

    Oh come on. You know she'd do it if he asked.@pinkydead: No, but the whole "tea party" thing was dubbed "teabagging" by liberal commentators like Olbermann, etc as a crack at how stupid it is. I guess this lady didn't figure that part out.

  2. Martin says

    Sparrowhawk: A little clarification: the first appearance in the media of the phrase teabagging was the photo of a Freeper's sign at a tea party in this Washington Independent article. This sign, unlike the lady's above, was probably created with a full awareness of the meaning of the term. But that didn't stop folks like Olbermann, Maddow, Anderson Cooper, and Wonkette from running with it. Naturally the tea party crowd have been huffing and puffing in faux indignation at the crude liberal media resorting to fratboy humor to mock their rallies, etc., but you have to know they love it. Any attention is good attention when you're on the political fringe.

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    That made my day. A little observation: this might actually be Biblically acurate, depending of the interpretation one makes of the relationship between Jesus and his apostle John. Maybe teabagging is exactly what Jesus did.

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    "I teabag against Jesus. My wife participates, and my cat watches. That's three of us against you alone, granny."The Hole-y trinity.

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    Oh thankyou martin, that made my day, particularly since I had never come across the term 'teabagging' before. When I read your link I started giggling like a school girl!

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    Martin I think that the warning should have been before the link 🙂 and you are right I will NEVER be able to unlearn that info.