Last night at Threadgill’s

All right all right, I hyped up the surprise at dinner after the show, so I feel like I should just get it out and not wait on pictures to surface.

The Everything Else Atheist and I are now engaged. There, I said it. In a highly unconventional move, since we are godless heretics who scoff at tradition, she proposed to me.

Obviously none of this was a surprise to me since I announced it in advance. We had discussed marriage already and I already knew that she was planning to pull this off at dinner. What I was not expecting, though, was that she enlisted three of her coworkers at Texas Campaign for the Environment to show up dressed as the Bad Horse chorus from Doctor Horrible’s Singalong Blog. They sang the song, but the lyrics were, er… modified, to warn me of dire consequences unless I said yes.

I said yes.

The turnout was great, with about 30 people in total showing up. Among those attending were my son Ben, and a rare appearance by my sister Keryn and her husband Michael, and of course the usual crew along with numerous show cohosts.

Thanks everyone, for being there! And to everyone who knew exactly what was about to happen, thanks for keeping the secret.


  1. says

    Congrats Russell. Like me you, after a long period of reluctance, opted into "the club."It should be a time of much celebration, and given the description of the goings-on at Threadgill's it sounds like it was. There is much to celebrate, and consider that your wedding may be the most eventful day of your life.Again, congrats.

  2. DavidCT says

    Congratulations Russell!! You both looked happy so that's a good start. Best wishes for making it long term.

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    Congratulations to you both. I hope that you will both continue to be very happy. And well done to EEA to break with tradition!One quibble: When's she going to be blogging again? Her blog is one of my very favourites (ever since you linked to her review of Fireproof), and I'm sure that I'm not the only one waiting with bated breath for her next post! Is she perhaps going to be joining you here at the AE blog, or perhaps even joining the show (hint, hint)?

  4. Martin says

    Well, that flake of a sister of yours still hasn't sent the photos that I only asked her, oh, like 10 times to send. Still, the singing telegram proposal was pretty epic!

  5. says

    I don't trust her man. I think she is trying to pull a Yoko and break up the show. Sure eveything may be fine now but in a few months she will be demanding that her name goes in all the credits wether she did anything or not. Next thing you know Russell will be under her spell hanging her ridiculous artworks in the background of the set. He will stay in bed for days to protest the intrusion of religion into politics and as a result the show will be cancelled leaving millions of devistated fans. A few years later Russell will be shot outside a hotel in New York. Don't say you weren't warned.P.S. Congratulations man

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    @Rhys Halliwell:Spoiler alert: The next episode that I am on will consist only of me and the cohost repeating the phrase "number nine" for 90 minutes.

  7. says

    (sings)"One night at Threadgill's makes a hard man humble…"Gr4tz0rz, Russell.You do realize that following the wedding you two MUST do a husband-wife TAE episode, right?

  8. Martin says

    Heh. Well, not being a big marriage proponent myself, I will say that having met E.E.A., Kazim's probably getting a better deal this time around.

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    Kazim, it is not like you to misquote the Simpsons! The correct line is 'number eight'. Unless, of course, you were purposely picking a different number for your own purposes.

  10. says

    My sincerest apologies, Kazim. This is what happens when your frame of knowledge goes no farther than The Simpsons. Not to say that is a bad frame of knowledge to have. You can learn more from watching The Simpsons than from listening to most news outlets.

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    Hey-o! Thanks everyone for the well-wishes and congratulations! I'm looking forward to being with the biggest atheist nerd on the planet, so thank you for saying yes!As for me, I've been away from the blog working on another project (a text-based adventure game) which has been taking up as much time or more as blogging with all the writing. It's almost playable, but nowhere near ready still.

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    Congratulations Russell! There is nothing weird about atheists getting engaged/married…how else are you supposed to:1) Be sure marrying said person is a good idea…engagement is a trial period.2) Figure out the wedding (if you are having one)3) Save money for the weddingAnyways, congrats again and I'm glad to hear that things are working out well.

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    "As for me, I've been away from the blog working on another project (a text-based adventure game) which has been taking up as much time or more as blogging with all the writing. It's almost playable, but nowhere near ready still"Awesome, where can we get more details/track it down when it's ready?