Allah Flummoxed by Swine Flu

I wanted to share with you the very first news item I saw on television this morning. It was a story about swine flu concerns surrounding hajj. Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca that is required of all Muslims who are able to make the trek. Google “hajj+’swine flu'” to find related articles.

Apparently, if adherents are required to destroy skyscrapers and execute unbelievers for jihad, the god will ensure their success. But protecting adherents from a flu bug, while they make the required hajj, is a bit too much to ask from the all-powerful creator of everything.


  1. says

    Well….At least the Vatican found it an act of good faith to make their Holy Water dispensers H1N1 safe.I am never mystified. But purely amused.

  2. says

    Funny, but not as funny as the catholic church installing electric holy water dispensers because of fear of swine flue. how can they not get the irony? They dip their fingers in holy water to be blessed…but somehow holy water can kill you?The whole point of holy water is to be protected. ARGHHHH brain explodes.While we are at it. Why do churches have lightning rods?

  3. DavidCT says

    The Saudis are advising children under 12, adults over 65 and pregnant women to stay away this year. Good advise for regular flu but not necessarily the H1N1 where the fatality pattern is altered. So far the only reported fatality was a man in his 30's. This is consistent with the altered risk patter for serious H1N1 infections. Allah forbid that men in the prime of their lives be warned off. There is no consistency in religion as to when you are to act prudently and when you are supposed to have faith in (insert your favorite sky fairy)'s will. If it made sense and were real, one would not need clergy to explain it or faith to then believe it.

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    Are you kidding? Obviously, Allah wants them all dead. That's why he tells them to blow themselves up.moviereviews:I'll tell you what I'd take as a sign of Allah's power: a suicide bomber explodes, he spontaneously reassembles, he gets up, and he walks away. If I see that happen, I'm convinced. (Can you get prayer rugs through Amazon?)

  5. DavidCT says

    @mikespeirOh Joy Amazon has them in their home and garden department. They can be quite lovely so you could consider one as a wall hanging. I don't suggest using one on the floor to pray unless you like talking to yourself and wearing out your rug.

  6. Admin says

    I think it's funny that they had to build those new bridges or whatever to protect the followers from being trampled to death in stampedes. Can't Allah protect them from the trampling? Why do the humans have to take the initiative? Honestly, people are just too dumb to ask these questions.

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    @JohnboyWell holy water by the core rules only is good in removing curses and repelling evil Outsider creatures, right?