Happy 150th, Origin!

Today is the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species, and, reports have it, the mainstream media has decided, in its infinitely misguided goal to be “fair and balanced” about things, to give publicity to ignoramuses. So, I’m told, Stephen Meyer spouts his usual string of canards on CNN, and Time has apparently weighed in by interviewing some dimwit named Dennis Sewell on Darwin’s “Dark Legacy” (ooooooo!). You know, the usual Godwinning, “evilushun is to blame for school shootings oh noes!!!” feces. Well, I choose to ignore ignorance. And I’m not linking to it, because blithering anti-science idiocy does not deserve to be rewarded with links. Instead, I’ll simply raise a toast to one of the greatest and most important works of science of all time. Long after Christianity — and indeed, the human race — has settled into dust, whatever living things remain on this earth will continue to evolve, and the panoply of life will continue. Which is the reason Roger Ebert has described evolution as the “most consoling of all the sciences.” Because it not only tells us that life will find a way, but it tells us how. All thanks to Chuck D. Well done, sir.


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    nice to know media continues to derelict their duties of actually checking sources and doing real fucking journalism.

  2. Admin says

    Whether or not knowledge of evolution leads to shootings is irrelevant to the truth of it. Many religious dicks seem to be arguing that we should teach their brand of creationism, even if it is false, because they think it would be better for society.

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    How can evolution lead to shootings when it clear that Doom and Grand Theft Auto cause violent shootings!?I'm also doubting the Fort Hood shooter believed in evolution. Which does bring the problem that by his sincere religious beliefs he probably was justified in his actions. If the US as he believed was literally acting against the will of GOD and working to undermine the spreading of a enlightenment philosophy across the globe, working to stop god's plan; then not only would he be morally compelled not to help but to use his position to help the righteous side. The fact that said beliefs were batshit insane and removed from reality is the bad part and show how religion can be a direct motivation for bad actions from someone wanting to do good. Bastard can't tell good from evil because of his religious tenants.

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    I can't believe I forgot about it. I thought to go to the Museum of Natural History to celebrate the 150 anniversary, I guess this is still 2009 so I still have time to do it.

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