Brannon Howse, racist asshole

Back to the loonybin otherwise known as the Christian Worldview Network. Bask in the unapologetically racist language Brannon Howse uses to distort Barack Obama’s reaction to the Fort Hood shootings.

On the day of the Ft. Hood murders Obama walks out and acts like a classless, inner-city, gangster giving shout outs to people in the audience. What is also with his trying to sound like a gangbanger when he is in front of certain groups of people? Why is this a poor example to America’s students? We take your calls including calls from two black Americans who agree with what Brannon is saying.

Gotta love the way he throws a variant of the “some of [my best friends/our show’s callers] are black” line over the transom at the end there. Of course, it doesn’t save him any more than it does any other racist.

I’ll be writing in depth on the Fort Hood shootings here soon. This all happened just up the road, about an hour from Austin, so it resonates locally. I’ve been to both Fort Hood and Killeen many times, and have friends there.

Anyway, I’ll sign off with a link to Obama’s actual response to the shootings. You know, as it happened in the real world and not the one between Brannon Howse’s redneck ears.


  1. Martin says

    So, Obama begins his press conference by thanking his staff, he uses the term "shout-out" once to someone he acknowledges as a Congressional Medal of Honor winner (not just to "people in the audience" as Howse falsely reports), and according to Brannon Howse he's acting like a "gangbanger"?Like I said, racist asshole.

  2. says

    If Obama really does have the heart of a muslim, it was probably left there in, a jar on the mantle, by his predecessor.

  3. says

    Is there a TV trope for this "Not racist bigotry"? you know where someone in the course of trying to show themselves as not racist hilariously make it obvious by showing a thought process only a racist would have? ie, "I have black friends" or my favorite "I let black people use my bathroom"

  4. says

    From the OP link: "Ft. Hood shooter was an active Muslim and the authorities within the federal government knew about it for 6 months". What precisely is 'an active Muslim'? One who keeps fit? I should hope so, the army is no place for the lazy. Second, is being Muslim in the army some sort of offense? Granted, it may be that whatever intelligence agency responsible for monitoring military personnel dropped the ball and ignored clear warning signs, but being a Muslim in uniform shouldn't in itself be cause for suspicion. Oh, and first post here! What took me so long? Sheer inertia. A shout-out to all of you from Norway!… am I a gang-banger now, too…?