Continuing AETV issues

So we’ve been getting another round of complaints that last Sunday’s show, the second in the expensively refurbished Access Austin studios, looked and sounded like ass. Hang in there, gang, is all I can say. I suspect these are just teething problems with the new equipment and we’ll get up to steam before too many more weekends go by. It is true we don’t have quite the level of control over every aspect of the equipment that we did when broadcasting from Matt’s place. But while Matt’s place worked out spectacularly (to everyone’s surprise) from a tech standpoint, there are impracticalities in going back and shooting there forever, which several viewers have pleaded. First off, it’s Matt’s home, and I imagine he and his lovably cranky parrot Max are thrilled to have it back. One thing that broadcasting from Matt’s meant was that, if work or something else prevented him from being available on a given Sunday, then, oh well, there was just no show at all that Sunday. Taping at the Access studios, Russell or any one of us can easily step into the host’s shoes in a last minute emergency and the show can go on. Finally, another thing to consider is that, taping at Access, we get to have dinner downtown at Threadgill’s again (hooray!), instead of (gag! hack! retch!) Plucker’s!

The last sentence is the opinion of the individual blogger and does not necessarily reflect that of the ACA, the Atheist Experience, or its board of directors. Thank you.


  1. says

    Heh the first half hour was quite hilarious in the chat room. Turn down the mic in the booth.Oh you can hear us?Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.etc…

  2. DavidCT says

    Kazim must have an asbestos palate. Fire in the hole is definitely truth in advertising.For those familiar with technology we sometimes have Faith that when one has up to date equipment and plugs things into the proper places things will work. Sunday was another example of the failure of Faith. If you don't test things to make sure they actually work you don't have Jack. Everybody on the crew was disappointed and things will surely be better this week.

  3. says

    For the record, I had Fire in the Hole exactly one time. I could handle it, but found it was spicy enough that it was too distracting to enjoy the flavor. So, it wasn't enjoyable to repeat the experience, but I'm glad I tried it.I spent many formative years in Santa Fe, so I got used to pretty serious Southwestern spice. Most Tex Mex doesn't compare.

  4. says

    I agree w/ the above comment. The technical issues have not been very annoying since moving to the "new and improved" studio. However, the lack of amusing theist callers has been somewhat disheartening. Not that I don't enjoy hearing like minded individuals, but there are scads of podcasts or shows like that. What makes AE great is the interaction with the theists. There is not a lot of that available outside of written forums.All that said, you can only go with the people who call. So I understand.