A number of people have been emailing us complaining of a massive audio dropout in the latest AETV podcast, lasting, by some accounts, as long as 15 minutes. Just a note to say we are aware of this, and apologize humbly, deeply, and with abject humility. Frank has committed ritual seppuku. Personally I have no idea how this happened, but these kinds of things can happen, and our fine crew will endeavor to avoid such glitches in future.


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    Does anyone remember what you talked about in those missing minutes? I can't live without knowing.Ahh, I'll just imagine my own version of what you said during the intermission.

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    Not a worry. It was only a small section of the show, but thanks to everyone at the Atheist Experience to putting in such an effort to accomplish what you already have! Glitches are glitches, can't be helped!Keep up the great work!Clint

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    12-15 minutes is nothing! There was an audio drop on the non-prophets the day before that lasted the whole show!Too harsh? I was just kidding. I know you have lives outside of the shows. I was really impressed that you continued A.E. through the summer.I'm glad to get this information really. I thought it was my mp3 player crapping out. Keep up the good work folks I love the show.

  4. DavidCT says

    For those who were not at the studio like Martin don't be too quick to be down on Frank. He was at the studio well before 3:30 but could not get access to the control room because it was occupied by the previous group who decided to take their written producer's test at the control room desk. They did not vacate the room until after 4:00. More than one person was turning knobs to get volume up on the studio speaker. There is not a lot of labeling so an altered setting would easily not be noticed. The network feed to the laptop was not working the whole show. Jen was able to capture the signal on her laptop and periodically held it up for Matt read about the callers. I am amazed that there were not more problems given that there was no time to set up and check everything out before the show started. We all owe a lot to the efforts and dedication of folks like Frank, Joe and Shelly in the back room. It's not like we overpay them.

  5. Martin says

    For those who were not at the studio like Martin don't be too quick to be down on Frank.That was one o' them there "jokes," David.

  6. DavidCT says

    @ MartinSorry not to have the proper sense of humor. I am not really being that critical of you. I just wanted to point out that in spite of being in a real time bind the folks really did a good job of getting most things to work. Even if the result was not ideal Sunday, it was not from lack of effort. Next week will be better.@stronger nowI was wondering what happened to the non-prophets. Maybe it was an act of god…..Naaah!

  7. Admin says

    Now that you're back in the studio, I guess that means we can look forward to more phone calls about Russell's sister.

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    Wow, the second week back was just as rough if not more so…if this keeps up you might be better off back at Dilahunty International Studios……although I'm sure Matt would like his living room back at some point…if not for just every other weekend.

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    Part of the problem was the audio dropout; part was the imbalance between mikes. Matt was generally understandable, but I could barely hear Tracy at times.

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    I stuck with it through the whole show…it got better after like 30 min (just a guess, I didn't look at the time).Anyways, looking forward to things getting back to normal once all the kinks are worked out 🙂

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    "dude with 5 contributors ya'll could really stand to update this blog a little more often"JD, what the hell is wrong with you? Is the free content you get on this blog not good enough? You think free is too much to charge for this? You know these people don't do this full-time, right? They have jobs and lives. Why don't you write your own blog if you're so demanding of new free content?A guy also came to my site recently and demanded new content. Prick!

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    JD, plus you get the TV show for free. Think they don't work hard enough for you? Do you demand your $0 back?