Basava Premanand (1930-2009)

On October 4 of this year Basava Premanand died.

You may never have heard of Premanand, but in addition to physically reminding me a bit of James Randi, Premanand also had his own paranormal challenge and dedicated his life to debunking “godmen” of India. Just days before he died, according to a special release of the e-zine Bangalore Skeptic, he drafted and signed a statement attesting he was of sound mind and still as skeptical as ever. He didn’t want any tales of death-bed confessions to haunt his reputation, after his death.

If you haven’t ever heard of Premanand, I urge you to look him up and read about him and the sorts of problems Indian skeptics are addressing.


  1. says

    I'll cheer anyone who goes out of his way to point out he has not had a death bed conversion. "Oh and by the way, I still don't believe…grrp". Classic.

  2. Rajesh says

    Today only I came know about James Randi and Basava Premamand by surfing. They are awesome people.
    Both have taken lots of steps to eradicate the fake magicians.

    Thank you for the article.