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If you’re going to start a religion, make sure you don’t choose a name for it that can be anagrammed. One of our Swedish viewers alerts us to this bit of prankery, in which the sign on the building of a local Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Kingdom Hall — “Rikets Sal” — has been creatively edited to read “Skitarsle,” which, we are informed, translates in English to “asshole.”

Not that we approve of such petty vandalism. But I’m still chuckling.


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    I should add that I wrote back to the guy who sent this in. He explained a more accurate translation is "shit hole." I told him that actually is more applicable, because it's a defamation of a "place" rather than a "person." Again, I can't condone vandalism. But wanted to share that.

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    Tons of people from Sweden. I want to move there one day. I've been wanting to visit Sweden and Norway for the longest time now.

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    Funny to think that in Sweden atheists are the moral majority. I am quite fond of Sweden, when I was a teenager we had a foreigne xchange student form there who came to live with our family for a year. I considered her like my sister. She is the first atheist I remember meeting.

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    Hi there Tracie! It's Mattias here who sent you the story. I think you should correct the last sentense in the blog-post … 🙂 Or is my english that bad?

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    I'm not chuckling.This is nothing more than criminal trespass and malicious vandalism; no different than removing the "P" and "L" from the sign at a PFLAG office. (See what I did there?)I can think of a number of places – religious and otherwise – where this kind of stunt would entail genuine risk. JW's are a pretty mild bunch as god-botherers go, so the vandals(s) involved had essentially ZERO chance of getting their clocks cleaned, making this an example of cowardly opportunism masquerading as bravado.

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