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    No stars? HOAX!!!Just kidding.BTW, that's not Apollo 11, it's 15, 16, or 17. (Only the last 3 missions had rovers.)

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    Finally got to see the Mythbusters episode when they did moon landing conspiracy theories. All busted if you didn't guess it. So I guess they are part of the conspiracy too (the plot thickens)And not to rain on the parade but we need to do more with space travel and discovery. 40 years was a long time ago.

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    The anniversary of the Apollo mission makes me think of a question that struck me about the Babel tower: doesn't it show by A plus B to the Creationists that the Bible is either factually wrong, or that God sure is easily worried? Because it's not like they could have reached heavens, however hard they would have tried. That said, the Apollo 11 mission did reach a bit of heaven, but God then never bothered to strike them down or give the NASA ingeneers new languages. He does not try anymore…

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    Never happened. Space travel is impossible; the ship would crash into the heavenly vault.Here's a website maintained by a guy who has a PhD in geology from Case Western, who believes the earth sits motionless in the center of a universe no more than half a light day across:

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    Woof: Yes, well, it was the neatest shot from among those I Googled. And anyway, Apollo 11 was the beginning of all the moon missions, so, you know, it counts. 🙂

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    I sent an e-mail to the show a little while ago on the topic of fractal wrongness, linking to a posting on a thread from a forum I lurk on where some fundie said he 'proved' that space and planets were all fakes and we lived on a plane of existence created by God.He was recently in a moon landing hoax thread where he used his 'proof' as evidence against the moon landing.Perhaps it was the same guy as the above.Suffice to say Matt told me to never send anything like that again.There was a guy on Coast to Coast who, when challenged, would whine and change the subject, much like Matt Slick. Hmm.

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    I was born 4 years after the first moon landing but I enjoyed all the replays on TV yesterday. I only hope I live long enough to see someone walk on Mars. Perhaps if I pray hard enough it'll happen??