TAM7 – Part 6

Quick updates…

Adam Savage spent a little time telling us some rather compelling stories about his early personal failures. We watched a great panel, hosted by DJ Grothe, featuring Penn, Teller, Ray Hyman and Jamy Ian Swiss. They discussed some ethical issues involved in the conjuring arts and the impact of psychic entertainers.

After lunch, there was a talk about the late Jerry Andrus, along with a few segments from a documentary about his life, followed by a panel on skepticism and broadcasting, featuring Penn & Teller, Adam Savage, Jennifer Oullete and Bill Prady.

Phil Plait spoke about the 2012 doomsday predictions.

They discussed the more than $8000 raised to provide vaccinations to children in southern Nevada.

And now…they’re doing the live auction.

I’m still feeling a little under the weather so I’m going to grab a nap after the auction, so I can party tonight.


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    I love books.Which is why I prefer to read Victor Hugo. Matt- Hope you enjoyed your time at TAM, minus the minor inconveniences. Rest up as you see fit, and I hope all turned out as well as you wanted it to.

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    I love books.Which is why I prefer to read Victor Hugo. "Win. Really if you do love books why would you read something like many holy scriptures that are horrendously edited?

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    one of the writing projects I'm working on right now is rewriting books/stories of the bible to spice them up and make them better. I'm basically converting them into the Lovecraftian cosmology mythos.

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