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    I've actually done the opposite and played an atheist paladin. This was before I was actually a non-believer and I think me figuring out his arguments against actual divine rule in a freaking fantasy world where all sorts of woo is running around was a major step in my deconversion.

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    I wonder if the necessity to imagine having LG characters who worship pagan gods is why Fundies are against gaming?

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    Oh, come on, didn't you read the rules?! There are christian clerics and they get +2 to hit against reason and +4 seduction of a minor

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    My wife told me about a woman playing an online RPG where my wife's a moderator. The woman wanted to play a Christian cleric or half-angel or something. She wasn't even a Christian herself, but apparently even playing one became so moronic that it was dropped.

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    Ing,playing an atheist in a fantasy setting where gods actually turn up and magic actually works is…delusional?word ver: spermfo

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    Not at all. He didn't deny gods and that exist…he just doubted their divinity/ worthyness of worship. Sure any god can CLAIM to have been the great creator and thus deserve worship but all they're really doing is a might by right. They're stronger than mortals so we have to worship them? pass. He frequently tried to point out that any god is indistinguishable from a significantly powerful mortal wizard or other supernatural being. How can we really be sure the actual pantheon didn't start out as humans or elves who did some ritual to gain immortally like a Lich? Much safer to stay independent of the whole issue and take everyone's claim of 'godhood' with a grain of salt.

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    Hilarious. I discovered recently that you guys, or a lot of you guys at the AE, are D&Dr buffs. I am into it myself, so it is always nice to see that you have other interests in common.

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    Back in the early days of RPGS (late 1970s), Ed Simbalist ran a campaign in which the necromantic ruler of "Achaeron" actually worshipped demons and did all manner of eee-vil to appease them. The Achaeron necromancers were subjected to continual wars and raids by the subjects of neighboring realms – all of whom would be despicable pagans by Christian standards.We found all of this highly amusing.

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    Amazing. And brings back sad memories. This is almost exactly what happened with a friend of mine.He ran a Christian Cleric in high school, then in college was born again, and decided he should stop playing RPGs all together.

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    He ran a Christian Cleric in high school, then in college was born again, and decided he should stop playing RPGs all together."So he was a cleric that refused to actually use magic?