The long awaited reply to Chuck Colson (but not quite)

Okay, okay, okay.

Those of you who have been hanging around for a while will remember that I reviewed a free copy of Chuck Colson‘s The Faith many months ago; he took a couple of months to reply, and then he wrote three separate but very long posts over the next few weeks.  And you’ll also remember that I keep on making half-hearted promises to post a substantial reply to those posts, but I keep on not actually doing it.

Part of the reason has been personal life stuff, and part of it is because there are just so many things to criticize, single sentences that take hours to rebut.

I’m thinking of a new approach to get me moving.  I have a long commute with a carpool and a laptop now, so I’m able to write regularly, but I’m still swamped trying to think of how to organize the mega-response I was writing.  So here’s my proposal.  Since I’ve managed to get fired up writing so much about debate lately, I’m thinking I should make this a weekly installment.  I’ll post what I have written already, and then each week maybe identify one particular aspect of Chuck’s posts, write something during the week, and post something even if it’s short.

The question I have for you readers is: Should I send a message to Chuck’s liaison immediately after writing the first post, and keep updating him, thereby inviting more replies before I’m finished?

Or, should I do this for several weeks, and then gather up ALL the posts when I’ve finished having my say, and send a big list of links?

What do you say?

So who is making money during the economic crisis?

Sleazy “psychics” with their usual exploit-the-scared-and-insecure routine.

But you know, you’re likely to be astonished — simply slack-jawed in astonishment — over the powerful predictions that come from “psychic” Roxanne Usleman. Prepare to have your skepticism swept into the sea:

The housing crisis will deepen, the country could fall into a depression and laid-off workers may need to start their own business.

Holy shit! How does she do it? Bog knows no real financial advisor would be able to come up with ideas like that! Must be why so many pathetic dimwits concerned, thoughtful people like Bruce Levy (who, of course, was “skeptical at first”) consider Usleman someone who “is able to make me see things that I wouldn’t otherwise see.”

I’d suggest that if Levy is so lame a “businessman” that he cannot see that we’re swirling in a financial whirlpool, that it will get worse before it gets better, and that a whole new career game plan might be worth thinking about, and see those things all on his own without paying some dingbat with a really ghastly face lift $20 a minute to tell him, then he deserves to be a broke-ass chump.

I suppose I shouldn’t blame Usleman for doing whatever she can do to avert financial hard times on her own. But I have these things called morals, and, well, taking advantage of the mentally disadvantaged or emotionally vulnerable just isn’t on my “cool things to do” list.

You weren’t wondering, but…

Where has Rhology been trolling since we showed him the door? Well, he’s currently being tiresome over at poor Abbie Smith’s blog. The usual obfuscation, idiotic premises (“The consistent naturalist can’t prove that he is not a brain in a vat.”), goalpost shifting, hand-waving and tautologies (“Or perhaps you could prove that evidence is the best way to discover truth. I’d like some evidence for that claim.” …etc) presented as if they were bold challenges, followed by smarminess. His pattern is the same there as it was here: present a load of hopelessly inane questions and risible assertions, and when people point out how inane and risible they are, slip into smirking condescension that they’re — ha ha! — avoiding answering you.

Poor ERV. Sure, her commenters are making mincemeat of the guy. But only a few of them have twigged that he’s an intellectual poseur who isn’t interested in answers, facts, or even genuine discussion, only in getting a rise out of atheists. And once he’s done so, he does his little victory lap. Anyway, go have a look if you need a reminder of why the boy isn’t welcome here any more.