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    You bastards! I have a cold, a sore throat you won’t believe and each giggle, chuckle, cackle and guffaw is painful. And you go and add this hilarious thing up…the pain *giggle* OW!…Bastards.

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    Holy crap! I want those! :DI always thought the Eucharist was yummy. When I was training to be an alter server when I was child we did some fake masses to practice and they brought out unconsecrated crackers and me and this other kid snacked on them when we were on the side watching the others practice. I would so buy those and snack on them at my desk.

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    Yum! That said, even as an unbeliever I have a special fondness for the Eucharist and transubstantiation, as they gave me the best excuse when I had to explain to my atheist and vegetarian wife that I find it okay to eat meat: if it is okay to eat Christ who died for us, it is okay to eat a chicken, a beef, a lamb, who also died for us, so we could live. Come to think of it, I might worship lamb for now on.