Federal judge to Kevin Trudeau: Grab your ankles, bitch!

This isn’t specifically atheisty, but it gives me a big 3S (skeptical schadenfreude squee) all the same. From the “Sometimes the Good Guys Win” file:

A federal judge has ordered infomercial marketer Kevin Trudeau to pay more than $37 million for violating a 2004 stipulated order by misrepresenting the content of his book, “The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About.”…

This scumsucking assrocket is a kindred spirit to Ben Stein in every way. Peddle a bunch of bullshit claims and sway the feeble minds of an uneducated public into thinking you’re a valiant truth-seeker, by contriving a massive conspiracy by Big Science to suppress you. And if it makes you puke to think how this con man is swimming in ill-gotten dough while millions of honest Americans are on the verge of poverty thanks to the Bush Economic Holocaust, then I’m sure this news must make your week. Go, read, bask.


  1. says

    Wondered if this was the idiot from the infomercials on in the middle of the night and checked Wikipedia. Indeed it was, and bonus: check out the rapsheet. $185,000 settlement after running a pyramid scheme, larceny, credit card fraud, and five different FTC cases. Career criminal.

  2. hellboundsmoker says

    Best… headline… EVER!It might not happen as often as we’d like, but it’s still nice to see justice done every once in a while.

  3. says

    unfortunately, if he goes to prison, he probably WILL grab his ankles and answer to the name “bitch”. and that’s sad. also because no one will do anything to stop it.

  4. says

    ah ok, so you’re pro-rape. and you’re trying to spread awareness of atheism and trying to get people to consider your arguments. “if some guy gets convicted of a crime and goes to jail, and gets forcibly sodomized against his will, then i am fine with that because i don’t like what he did.” splendid. never mind that rape is a form of torture, that it spreads disease, and raises the costs for extorted taxpayers.

  5. says

    Hey, you know what else is torture? Convincing people to give up medical treatment for life-threatening diseases in favor of useless miracle “cures.” And charging them for it. I’m anti-torture, but I’m pro whatever terrible things happen to Kevin Trudeau. He’s scum.

  6. says

    Martin always seems so gentle unassuming when he’s on the show. But here on the blog he really brings the claws. I quite enjoy.

  7. says

    unfortunately, if he goes to prison, he probably WILL grab his ankles and answer to the name “bitch”. and that’s sad. also because no one will do anything to stop it.It is unfortunate, but not because it is him particularly, but because of how the prison system works. Something DOES need to be done about the prison system, not the least of which is creating a place where individuals are safe during their incarceration. His particular case is no more, or less, of a reason to look into that, it’s a seperate issue. He deserves to go to prison. End of story.In Prison people are tortured and abused by guards and prisoners, this needs to be fixed, regardless of who is the victim.

  8. says

    @ citzen Stefish”unfortunately, if he goes to prison, he probably WILL grab his ankles and answer to the name “bitch”. and that’s sad. also because no one will do anything to stop it.”Would that be the prison rape HE doesn’t want you to know about?

  9. Martin says

    ah ok, so you’re pro-rape.Oh, grow the fuck up, Citizen. And pry that broom handle out of your ass while you’re at it. Do I have to underscore every wisecrack I make here with the label “JOKE!!!!” for the slow children playing? Evidently so.First off, you clearly didn’t read the accompanying article, as it reported Trudeau was fined, not that he had been convicted and sentenced to hard time. Secondly, someone convicted of fraud, if even he were convicted, would hardly be likely to be thrown into the same prison population as the violent offenders, gang bangers, killers and ass-rapists. You’ve been watching too much Oz. Has Kent Hovind been sodomized yet? I sincerely doubt it, nor is he likely to be.

  10. says

    Now that’s a shame, isn’t it? I’m not pro-rape, but some people deserve for it to happen to them. People like Kevin Trudeau and Kent Hovind should be thrown into a maximum security prison wearing a little pink dress. And no, Citizen Stefish, I’m NOT kidding. I would thoroughly enjoy hearing about pretty much any bad thing happening to them. They’re both frauds, and they don’t care who they hurt. Do you really think Kevin Trudeau gives a flying fuck that he swindled little old ladies out of their life savings? Do you really think Kent Hovind cares that he created the abortion that is better known as Venomfangx? So why do you care what happens to them? They truly would deserve getting ass-raped atleast once.

  11. says

    in confused i just saw him on an infomercial like a half an hour ago talking about debt cures so i look him up. It says hes not allowed to do tha anymore so how is he?

  12. says

    Everyone here is horse shit. I bought the book then subscribed to his month membership. Although i think its ridicules you have to buy the membership i have fixed and managed my weight, asthma and shingles. Suck on them apples you truth haters. Delete me if you wish i dont care cause some people will learn the truth.FDA is a bunch of money hungry thief's including psychotropic drug dealers and thats a FACT!

  13. Martin says

    Why would we delete you, SKING? You're a prime example of the kind of rube suckered in by snake oil salesmen like Trudeau. (And it's amusing you condemn the FDA for being "money hungry thief's" [sic] when it's Trudeau who's actually done prison time for such crimes as fraud.) We're happy to allow your comments here, so that people can read them and make up their own minds whether or not they'd rather be you. You are your own cautionary tale.Anyway, I'm managing my weight by eating right and working out. Don't see why anyone would need Trudeau and his wacky conspiracy theories to do that.

  14. says

    Trudeau deserves anything that happens to him and that includes being abused in prison. I have zero sympathy for 'people' like Trudeau. He is a sociopath without any remorse for his crimes. I hope he ends up bending over and grabbing his ankles while in prison and I hope the guards make his life a living hell!

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