More confusion about that darn church-and-state thing

Here’s an AP article talking about the existence of some of the new Washington dollar coins that managed to go into circulation without the “In God We Trust” motto stamped into the edge. These godless coins, legal tender all the way, are reportedly fetching around $50 apiece from collectors. In a display of the kind of theistic bias that has regrettably left its pee-markings on our entire nation, the godless dollars are described as “flawed” and “error coins,” while the ones proclaiming our patriotic “trust” in an imaginary being are described as “properly struck.” In an America that actually respected its own Constitution, the reverse would be true, of course.


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    Q: Does the continued existence of In God We Trust make every single member of the judiciary process guilty of treason against the constitution?

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    p.s. urgh reading the comments section on newsvine is freaking painful.Besids, E pluribus unum (I’m pretty sure I spelled that wrong) is a fantastic motto, and one that requires, heaven forbid, a little intellectual curiosity.

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    “Great Flavor Flav” is a line I never imagined I’d hear.I won’t consider buying a defective coin like that, but I would consider one that said “In Noodles We Trust” even as a Canadian!

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    p.s. urgh reading the comments section on newsvine is freaking painful.holy shit. I tried it but my brain almost exploded.I love this one: We have the blessings of God on us. Would you like to live in Iraq, Afganistan, Somalia, Palestine, Israel, in any terriorist country?…but where would you rather live? America or these other war torn countries, communist countriesMost of those countries she listed are war torn directly or slightly indirectly because of America

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    @TodokeNot to mention they are all heavily religious societies. Saying we live in a country blessed by god… well, that’s definitely part of what’s causing our problems. Societal health is a directly inversely correlated to religiosity.