Can’t we kick Cynthia Dunbar to the curb yet?

Good grief. If it weren’t bad enough that this woman is a far-right wing space muffin who actually thinks Barack Obama is in league with terrorists, now we find out that this person who sits on the Texas State Board of Education, for fuck’s sake, has actually written a book (I hope she got a lot of use out of her Speak & Spell) excoriating the very concept of public schools as “unconstitutional,” “tyrannical,” and “a subtly deceptive tool of perversion.”

If this isn’t putting the fox in charge of the henhouse, I don’t know what is!

I’ve always been both amused and bemused by the way in which right-wing Christian fundagelicals not only actively resist knowledge and education, but take bizarre pride in their own intellectual and educational deficits. Fine, let them live out their lives as clueless idiots. But when they have the power to influence the educations of an entire generation of students, potentially derailing the future of the entire country as a consequence, that’s going just the teensiest bit too far, is it not?

Please, write the governor. This cannot stand.


  1. says

    Oh, brother. Do people such as Dunbar understand what the term “Unconstitutional” actually means?I’m a Strict Constructionist myself, but the plain text and meaning of the document includes provisions for expanding the responsibilities of the federal govt beyond those of the time and setting of the Framers.That’s why they wrote it they way they did.

  2. says

    I’m tired of writing Governors. Governors don’t appoint the BOE; they are elected (unless the process in Texas differs from that in CA). I think every individual in the US that is concerned about how evolution will be treated in the next generation of biology textbooks should write a letter to 10 people living in Texas District 10 and let them know exactly what we think about Ms. Dunbar and her ignorance.

  3. Martin says

    ScottE: I know Gov. Perry can’t do anything to remove Dunbar from her position. But he can, and should, still make a public repudiation of her remark about Obama. It’s all about getting Dunbar to feel the heat from all sides.

  4. says

    Martin – I don’t disagree. I’m just frustrated. Ultimately, the voters of her district are just as responsible for repudiating her remarks, and ultimately voting her out.