The fame, we bask in it

This was nice. Of course, it’s funny that it’s all about the recent hilarious punking of Matt by that little scamp Microbiologychick. But that’s part of the humor. “Eve”‘s silliness was actually not beyond the pale. It was a pitch-perfect performance of the stupid too many real people out there suffer from.


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    By far my favorite part about the call was the way “Eve” talked incredulously about things being formed by “random chemicals and stuff” — that’s just ten times funnier when you realize she’s on the verge of getting a Master’s in a field that deals with “chemicals and stuff” all the time.On the other hand, I have some misgivings about having set up the prank. Because from now on, I bet our viewers are going to be watching every dumb sounding caller and wondering “Are we being pranked again?” Because as a matter of fact, we DON’T set up fake callers on the show in general. This was the one time when it seemed like it would be a good joke, but the show would be worse if we did it all the time.

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    This was brought up on the Opie and Anthony Show on Sirius XM Radio on August 25 as well. Didn’t think they’d fall for it too.