In which Matt saves the universe and everything!

This may be the weirdest and yet most enjoyable bit of Atheist Experience-related otaku out there. I can say, I never got a theme song about myself when I was host. Bummer. But then, my name just doesn’t lend itself to good rhythm like Matt’s.

I imagine if Possummomma wanted Matt’s babies after seeing the previous video, she may just completely plotz after this one! Still I worry, from the old evolutionary biology standpoint, babies with Matt may or may not have the most optimal heritable traits, apart from stupendous counter-apologetics genes. All down to tastes, I suppose. Then again, the showbiz potential is off the scale!

(It was nice knowing everybody.)


  1. says

    lmao! Smack dat bitzh up! Good thing it wasn’t the FSM, ’cause He’s got too many limbs for even the uber-awesomeness that is M. Dillahunty to handle XD