Pascal’s Wager dies and is dead like a dead thing

Thanks to viewer Quinn Martindale for posting this quick snippet from a show this March in which Matt Dillahunty, in two minutes, says everything that needs to be said to destroy the most tired and banal argument for belief still making the rounds. You’d think most believers would have gotten the message that Pascal’s Wager is the sort of thing you only bring up if you’re walking around with the word DOOFUS tattooed to your forehead in a lovely decorative serif font. But you’d be surprised how many believers still take it seriously. After this, hopefully they’ll be properly schooled.


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    Never minding the hell threat, I gotta agree with Hitchens on the lack of appeal of what you’d supposedly win in said wager. Namely an eternity of praising his high holiness with a choir of angels. Oh rapture, oh joy. Better yet, sign me up for the pillar of salt ride in that amusement park, mmkay?

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    I’m with otakursed–heaven would be hell to me. One of my favorite comebacks when asked if I want to go to heaven is, “If I wanted to spend an eternity praising a megalomaniacal control freak for letting me bask in his glory, I’d still be with my first husband.”

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    Pretty concise explanation of why Pascal’s Wager is so ridiculous. But my favourite part is the end: “And by the way, for future callers, you do not have to lie…”