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    I am amazed that DC Talk would allow their music to be used in a film like this… I really hope they got permission, cause if this turned into something like the Yoko Ono disaster, that will make all atheists look really bad.

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    I’ve been waiting to see something from this film since it was announced over a year ago. I’ve found that atheists tend to have a weird reaction to Bill Maher. It seems about 50% hate him, 25% like what he has to say about religion but dissagree with most of his other views and the rest like him just fine. Up until he recently came out with rants against perscription drugs and a few weird PETA motivated spurts of insanity I tended to agree with almost 100% of what he said. He also has a site related to the film with lots of good stuff on it

  3. Martin says

    I still get a kick out of Maher, though his unfortunate swallowing of the anti-vaccination movement’s hysteria-koolaid merits merciless derision. I have a feeling this movie will be very funny, but in the end, friendly to religious faith as a personal act while simply mocking the absurdities of religion as an institution. (I don’t think any distributor in the film business would be willing to handle a movie whose fundamental theme was, “And if you believe in God, you’re a fucking retard.”) Maher has said before that he believes in God, he just doesn’t believe in the BS that priests and churches spew. Then again, the clip in the trailer derisively comparing God as a concept to Santa hints at, if nothing else, perhaps a slide in the general direction of disbelief. We’ll see.

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    “Maher has said before that he believes in God, he just doesn’t believe in the BS that priests and “churches spew” “Im pretty sure he is an Atheist. Either that or he changed his mind and became an atheist. He said he thinks all religions are crazy on Larry King. He also said several times on his show that he thinks believing in a invisible man / sky daddy is stupid

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    Most recently, I heard Maher identifying as an “apatheist,” in that he just doesn’t really give a damn.If only he wasn’t so very sure about anti-vax nonsense and PETA, too.